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Lemon along with Honey act as a detoxifier is a medicine in treating allergies.В  Wounds and burns can be healed quickly with honey as it has natural inflammatory effect. Honey taken with warm water is the best medicine for soar throat, stomachache and dehydration.
Honey acts effectively in treating pathological conditions of the nerves, heart, respiratory organs and intestinal track. There is much evidence to show that the culprit accumulation of fat is not only fat but sugar.
Whole grain bread, pasta and rice ingredients are rich in fiber and they encourage better digestion. Eat grilled fish, chicken without skin, pork, beef, eggs… These foods will keep you full and reduce your need for intake of sugars in the body.
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Dear customers, following frequent calls from diabetics asking whether honey can form part of their diet, we are proud to place on the market DIET-HONEY. In severe cases of diabetes, consult a doctor before consuming due to the presence of a small quantity of glucose in the honey. As honey is a natural antiseptic it can be applied on cuts and deep wounds to protect it from getting infected.В В  Honey not only helps in preventing the occurrence of infection but also speed up skin healing.

These properties in honey clear the infection that result in diarrhea, vomiting and stomach infection. Also, what would make you change the situation in your favor is just a bowl of warm water with a teaspoon of honey.
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Honey contains approximately 35% glucose and is therefore not suitable to form part of a diabetic’s diet. From olden days honey has been used as medicine in treating many ailments for both adults and children and as detox diet. Bacteria and microbes grow faster in almost all food but in honey it is not because the sugar content in it absorbs water and retains moisture.
Honey not only acts as a source of energy but also helps in cleansing blood, as it is a good detoxifier.
DIET-HONEY, however, has a lower level of glucose and an increased quantity of allowed sugar – fructose, and is enriched with honey to form a varied and rich chemical composition.
It is always safe to use local honey, as honey sold in supermarkets does not contain the nutrients and enzymes.
Advantage Honey to Lose your Weight December 19, 2014 2 Jaspis Most people probably already know the benefits of honey for beauty, especially for women, and the function of one of them to smooth the skin.

DIET- HONEY can also be used by diabetics as a sweetener (due to ingredients which do not require insulin during metabolism). Well, in addition to beautify the skin honey can also be used to lose weight, you know.This diet is known as the honey diet.
The creator of this diet is Mike McInnes, beginning the story he was inspired to make this a special diet when he discovered that athletes who eat foods high in fructose such as honey burns more calories and more stamina.
To be able to take the benefits of honey in weight loss, McInnes said enough to replace the sugar with honey intake throughout the day.In addition, you are also required to take three tablespoons of honey mixed with a glass of warm water the night before sleep. This diet also requires you to observe the use of sugar or artificial sweeteners when cooking, still have to use honey,” said McInnes. According to the creator of this diet McInnes, potatoes can increase insulin levels in the body.In addition, protein intake should be multiplied because it can make the body feel full longer. A good choice for В honey diet example berry fruit such as blueberries or strawberries.By following the rules, surely your weight loss will be achieved.
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