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Over 30 years and many books later, David and Nikki still believe experiencing the joys of real food is the best incentive for people to do something about what is happening to our food supply. In the late 1960s, we were living in NYC, where David was practicing law in legal services and Nikki was working on Madison Ave. We have always advocated a diet focused on wholefoods, a term we coined in American Wholefoods Cuisine, and define as “fresh and unfragmented foods that are as close to nature as possible.” Our “Wholefoods Philosophy,” which expands on this concept and is explained in more depth in that book, has remained essentially unchanged since we began this journey some 40 years ago. The first book was Nikki’s cookbook, Cooking What Comes Naturally, A Month of Vegetarian Menus.
As a result, Nikki began to refine the recipes, David served as the #1 food taster, and a book was born. Over the next few decades we appeared three more times on Donahue, filling the entire hour talking about each of our subsequent books, starting with The Supermarket Handbook and then American Wholefoods Cuisine. You’ve also written a restaurant guide, Healthy Highways, to help people “avoid the fast-food lane” when dining away from home. And the Goldbecks have given some of the delicious, practical and healthy recipes you’ll find in the book to our website. Check out the simple goodness of such dishes as White Bean PatГ©, Potatoes Nicoise, Stuffed Clam Shells Areganata, Hot Open-Face Tempeh Sandwiches and African Bean Soup in our recipe collection. Yanellie, please go to the Goldbeck’s page to leave your comment, then you’ll be entered into the contest! By Alan Miles Our kids had some strongly held convictions about their food when they were young — convictions that made good nutrition a challenge. In a series called Organic 101, the USDA has blogged about the meaning of the USDA Organic label.
In the introduction the authors state: “Healthy Highways offers real alternatives to the stock fare of supersized, fatty, calorie-laden, repetitious fast food and restaurant meals. Each entry includes the address, phone number, and times of operation, as well as the symbols and descriptive terms mentioned above.
LUCKY PALATE (followed by a criss-crossed fork and knife, their symbol for restaurant) 307 McGraw St.

Primarily home-delivered meals, but the storefront sells the healthy vegetarian and vegan “Grab-and-Go Meals,” along with other homemade items.
The chapters are based on the Ten Tantric Laws of Intimacy Laurie Handlers has taught in her Ecstasy Advanced Tantra course. We’re lucky to have become acquainted with the Goldbecks in their current hometown of Woodstock, New York, where they agreed to chat with us. At the same time it’s amusing and at times frustrating to hear people telling us about these “new” ideas.
Following the “trial” vegetarian week, and constant questions from family and friends about what we were eating, David began writing down what we had for dinner on a calendar. As luck, or timing, would have it, Nikki made friends with a woman on the bus going to work who told her that Doubleday, where she worked, was considering a vegetarian cookbook. But what stands out is our appearance on the Donahue show, which was just ending its run in Dayton, Ohio and about to move into the big time in Chicago. He was a terrific host (even though he did wave around tofu and compare it to wallboard!) And it was quite a challenge, since there was no TV kitchen. We have written about how to shop for wholefoods, how to cook them, how to choose a healthy diet, and how to set up an environmentally-friendly kitchen. In Healthy Highways, we “travel” state-by-state, city-by-city, letting people know where they can find a natural foods store or restaurant that features vegetarian and vegan meals. We are happy to say that there are more eateries around the country offering real (and creative) choices – not simply a plate of vegetables or salad.
And Nikki and David want to give a copy of American Wholefoods Cuisine to a lucky fan on their Facebook page! By offering easy access to high-quality, competitively priced choices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, Frontier seeks to lead the way in bringing nature -- and peace of mind -- to our customers. Our oldest girl wanted only melted cheese carefully removed from casseroles, pizza and the like, making sure that none of the other ingredients were attached. Miles McEvoy, National Organic Program Director, has written the series, which provides a helpful primer on just what organic means, in terms of USDA involvement.

The Goldbecks were early proponents for a broader acceptance of healthful foods and better food labeling, now mainstream ideas. Influenced by friends and the times, we became aware of how meat was “manufactured” and decided on New Year’s Eve to go vegetarian for a week. Whether you are one person or a family, hate to cook or love it, there are choices you can make that are simple, healthy and fun. What distinguishes all of these cuisines is the way in which they take basic foodstuffs and flavor them to create the world’s great culinary delights.
We still laugh about the time we were holed up in the Drake Hotel in Chicago cooking on improvised equipment in preparation for the show where we introduced vegetarian wholefoods cooking to America. If you buy it directly through the website or register on the site, you can receive email notices of changes in the listings and new postings.
One of the ways we think about food is to “dine each day as if you were in a different foreign country.” That way you get both variety and pleasure. Oddly, the spice we turn to quite often is cumin – it seems to work with so many different cuisines … Arab, Israeli, South American, Indian, African, and more.
We wrote Choose to Reuse, a book on reuse in 1995, when reusable shopping bags were still a novelty, and we published Clean & Green, a book on nontoxic cleaning, before the stores were stocked with more benign cleaning products.
This “experiment” led us not only to experience the joys of meat-free cooking, but began an awareness about food additives, food processing, chemical farming and the like — that launched us on our way.
With 1900 choices of cafes and restaurants, as well as natural food stores and food co-ops that sell good-for-you snacks, sandwiches, and restaurant fare, the traveler who wants to eat well on the road can sit back and thumb through this handy guide with confidence. PLUS healthy recipes from Chef Biron, an executive chef at Stanford University and wine pairings by the former sommelier at Pebble Beach. PLUS walking opportunities nearby so you can get some exercise and scenic tours in before getting back on the road.

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