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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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My fast-track to the perfect beach bodyIt’s the weight-loss plan that’s gone global, and now Mimi Spencer has honed the simple principles of the Fast Diet – devised with Dr Michael Mosley – exclusively for YOU.
How it all started…In 2012 Dr Michael Mosley, an overweight, medically trained journalist, discovered that he was a borderline diabetic with high levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. One of the great problems with crash diets is that although some of the weight loss will be fat, much of it will be muscle (on a conventional diet you lose around 75 per cent of weight as fat and 25 per cent as muscle).
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. So you can drop that tricky half stone just in time for the holiday seasonWith the summer holidays upon us, there’s no escape: the time has come for the annual bikini face-off. Each one has been carefully assessed for calorie count and content by nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker, and I’ve tried to maintain maximum flavour throughout – the O’Kelly fish, for instance, feels like a substantial summer meal, easy to prep, full of taste, texture and colour. But keen to find a non-pharmaceutical way to change his fate, he interviewed scientists engaged in research into intermittent fasting. The human trials that have been done so far suggest that intermittent fasting is unusual in that the weight loss appears to be almost all visceral fat from around the gut. Instead of the usual beefburger barbecues, try my turkey burgers with a spiky tomato salsa: all the interest (more, I would argue) for a fraction of the calories.
Studies involving overweight volunteers doing alternate-day fasting found that when individuals were asked to eat a quarter of their normal calories one day, then eat whatever they liked the next, they lost significant amounts of weight and saw substantial improvements in their cholesterol and blood sugars. Any of the recipes included here can be modified for non-fasting family members – just add crusty bread or potato salad and let them have the tiramisu for pud. This leads to elevated levels of hormones such as insulin which can cause metabolic changes in the body. You can have a bit of it tomorrow.Plenty of people I encounter mention that summer is the ideal season to embark on the Fast Diet – not only because a body has nowhere to hide once the temperatures soar, but also because light eating suits the heat. The problem arises when they dominate all the time – this can bring an increased risk of developing a range of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. This is borne out by anecdotal evidence too: many people on the Fast Diet don’t feel ravenous the following day. Pregnant women should eat according to government guidelines and not limit their daily calorie intake.
I’d have a hard time dealing with a dumpling or a cottage pie at this time of year, so it makes sense to capitalise on the mood. Their appetite and attitude to food change, and healthier eating seems to become part of their everyday life.On this regime Michael lost 19lb and his blood markers improved beyond recognition.

Some people on the Fast Diet experience headaches or constipation, particularly at first; these can generally be alleviated by drinking calorie-free fluids and eating fibre-rich foods. I followed Michael’s lead and in four months lost 20lb, returning to my ‘wedding weight’ at the age of 45. The question of carbsIf you constantly consume sugary, carbohydrate-rich food (and drinks), your body copes by producing increasing amounts of insulin. Even if you’ve put it off to the last moment, there’s still plenty that can be done to get a body in shape for the big reveal. Or try the Greek salad on page 48 (feta is made from sheep’s milk and has fewer calories than other cheeses); and of course you can have a niçoise salad, just cut out the potatoes and max out the veg – it’s a perfect Fast Day supper and you’ll barely notice that you’re calorie counting. Fat on the thighs and buttocks appears to be less of a health risk than excess belly fat, known as visceral fat.
Intermittent fasting really is, as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says, starting to look like a ‘health revolution’.We believe that the Fast Diet’s success has to do with its flexibility, its simple basic tenets, and the fact that it is backed by solid science. Many people will have already heard about The Fast Diet, the book I co-wrote with Dr Michael Mosley just seven months ago. Visceral fat significantly increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, which is why you should aim to have a waist that is less than half your height.While losing fat, you want to preserve as much muscle as possible.
From a psychological point of view, its indisputable attraction is that calorie restriction is limited to two days a week, leaving the rest of the time blissfully free of worry. There is good evidence that restricting your calorie intake, and in particular your carbohydrate intake, for a couple of days a week cuts levels of circulating insulin. Since New Year, the diet has been the talk of the town and an instant bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. Muscle is metabolically active; in other words, if you take two people who are the same weight, but one is muscular and the other fat, then the muscular one is not only likely to be healthier but will also burn more calories.
On the days when you are fasting you still eat, but you should aim to eat foods with a low GI – the GI rating measures the effect of a food on blood sugar relative to pure glucose – in other words, foods that do not cause spikes in blood sugar. Most vegetables are a Fast Dieter’s friend because they have a low GI, but also because they provide a lot of bulk for very few calories, keeping hunger at bay. It’s a reassuringly clear method – no faddish feeding, no elimination of food groups, no serial deprivation to make your heart sink – which means there’s good reason to believe that this is the only diet you’ll ever stick to. You can help preserve muscle by maintaining, or better still increasing, the amount you exercise. This could simply mean walking more and always taking the stairs, or more vigorous activities such as weight training.

Much of the fat lies there.Roast meat on a rack over a baking pan to allow excess fat to drip away.
In keeping with government guidelines, the Fast Diet should achieve a loss of between 1lb and 2lb a week.
So, if you can muster the willpower and stick to the plan, you could easily be half a stone down by the time you’re in the queue for passport control – and that’s exactly the half a stone that so many of us haul around like an overstuffed beach bag most of the time. Whenever possible, cook meat and fish on a barbecue – it’s your fat-free summer stand-by.Scrub vegetables rather than peeling them, as many nutrients are found close to the skin. Jumbo oats outrank the rest – less processed, more bulky – while the best rice is brown basmati.Protein Proteins in meat, fish, milk, nuts, seeds, pulses and legumes are essential nutrients and a major fuel source. On non-fasting days, of course, we recommend that you eat as normal and don’t concern yourself with dieting. PlantsThe pigments that plants produce represent some of the thousands of bioactive compounds, known as phytochemicals, which keep plants healthy. By eating a range of different-coloured plants we also get the benefits, and on a Fast Day, they are the central event.
When people are told they need to eat more fruit and vegetables they frequently respond by eating more fruit. Vegetables, by contrast, provide bulk, fibre and have limited impact on your blood sugar and therefore on your insulin. So, while we certainly encourage people to eat fruit, we recommend that sweet-tasting fruit should be rationed on a Fast Day. If you do choose to eat fruit, make it fresh, not dried, as the drying process concentrates calories.
A 100g serving of fresh apricots, for instance, typically has around 31 calories while the same quantity of dried apricots clocks up four times the calorie cost.Good fats and why you need them There is such a thing as too little fat in the diet.
This is because certain vitamins (A, D, E and K) are fat-soluble, which means that they require fat in order to be absorbed by the body.
On a Fast Day, reduce saturated fats (animal fats), avoid trans fats (found in some processed foods such as biscuits and cakes), and instead choose plant fats from nuts, seeds, olives or avocados.

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