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Maybe not hot-of-the-press-news but I just sawВ Michael MosleysВ BBC documentaryВ about fasting. One of the latest diet trends is intermittent fasting; short periods of fasting alternated with non-fasting. Even though these kind of diets seem to work, at least for Michael, I’m slightly sceptical to whether this is a sustainable lifestyle you can maintain in the long run. Personally I eat a low carb diet with plenty of protein, mainly from vegetable sources but also meat and fish, as well as above ground vegetables and healthy fat, (real butter, olive- and coconut oil). I done a lot of researching on this different method for losing weight (or losing body fat, however you want to say it) and for the most part it seems to be gaining a lot of popularity. I hate to admit I’ve been a bit of a yo-yo dieter in the past, but so far, this one seems to be one I can actually stick to. The show starts with the host Dr Michael Mosley looking to the connection between Diet and Health as a way to slow the aging process, including the ravenous affects of cancer.
Research has shown us that eating less can change both the quality of life, and how long you are expected to live.
They take part in a series of tests and it is revealed that while Joe may not 'look young' he is surprisingly younger than Dr. Next, the show moved to talking about something called IGF-1 and its relation to cancer and various other diseases.
After some more discussion the concept of fasting is finally revealed as a way to significantly lower IGF-1 Levels. At this point he realized that there is an easier way, and goes on to explore the major benefits that can be had with short, 24 hour fasts, which obviously makes me really happy. So in the end, in order to radically improve his health he converts to the Eat Stop Eat style of intermittent fasting with amazing results. Remember the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle is the combination of Intermittent fasting and weight training, and I believe that the weight training is the missing part of this whole scenario, and is what keeps you LOOKING younger and FEELING younger physically. All in all it was a fantastic and well done documentary that did an excellent job explaining the many benefits of this style of eating, without the sensationalism that typically comes when people talk diet.
Read Eat Stop Eat NOW and if you like it I'll charge you the remaining 29 dollars in three days. NEW dads are being urged to take parental leave, with gender equity advocates declaring it critical to closing the pay gap between men and women. THE long and potentially fatal wait for an ambulance could get even longer and it is all to do with another country believe it or not. FROM cheaters finally being exposed, to sneaky drug use and missing brains, a woman has told of the quirks and perks of working at a funeral home for the rich and famous. THE job you work and the amount of hours you clock could be hindering your chances of getting pregnant, a new study suggests. Dr Michael Mosley has stopped his popular 5:2 fasting diet after his wife complained he was wasting away.

THE television doctor who came up with the 5:2 fasting diet has lost enough weight and is now on a more moderate eating plan.
KNOWN as much for her life out of the pool as in it, we look back at gold medal-winning swimmer Steph Rice.
Mastermind of the artfully risque the iconic Pirelli calendar celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Michael sets out to investigate if periodic fasting can slow down ageing and give you a healthier lifestyle. Any two days, not in a row, twice a week, and forget about the health gurus telling me I’m doing it all wrong. Michael Mosley called 'Eat, Fast Live Longer' was a lot like watching myself discover intermittent fasting all over again. In fact, we've known this since the 1930 when live expectancy surprisingly increased in the United States during the great depression.
Fontana the show moves to examining "Cronies", the nickname for people who follow a calorie restricted life style. Mosley realizes that "My diet is undermining my health" and that eating less seems to be the solution.
Varaday also pointed out what we all have found: fasting tends to affect your appetite, it's very hard to 'compensate' for your fasting by grossly overeating.
Mosley was able to cut his IGF-1 levels in half, lowering his risk of getting more than 7 different types of cancer! Mosley settles on, but by no means does he (or do I) suggest that it is the only type of intermittent fasting, check around, use the type that works best for you. Mosley's personal experiences with Fasting, while Eat Stop Eat remains the go to Scientific reference on the topic of Intermittent Fasting. If you don't like Eat Stop Eat, just let me know and I won't charge you the remaining 29 dollars.
Meet the people living with less, including a woman who has culled her wardrobe down to just 32 items of clothing.
There’s a special kind of guilty grief that surrounds losing a pet, as Zoe knows better than most. The real question is not whether or not fasting can help you, but how it will help you and how often you should do it. He simply settled on this style of fasting as the easiest form of intermittent fasting that still gave him AMAZING improvements in health, including decreasing his risk of getting serveral types of cancer. Mosley starts with a 3.5 day fast, the exact same mistake I made when I started my research in 2006.
He had stumbled upon the amazing benefits of fasting, but was not really ready to sacrifice his normal life so that he could fast for 3 days in a row.

This book recounts his experiences with the diet, and could be considered the written version of his documentary. I think if I were to try anything I would have to try the Intermittent Fasting because I would not stick to a regular diet, ya I have no will power.
I should point out that while similar, there are some BIG differences between "The Fast Diet" and Eat Stop Eat. I get to keep my comfort foods, and this gives me the reinforcement I need to face the days when I fast.
Obesity experts in the USA say the diet may be hard for many people to adhere to, and more research needs to be done to determine if it's safe and effective. In 5:2 you eat normal for five days and then a calory restricted diet for two days (600 calories for men and 500 for women). People need to try it for themselves and see if it works."Mosley, 55, who works for BBC as a medical journalist, says that when he first read about the alleged benefits of intermittent fasting, he was skeptical, too.
Although most of the world's great religions advocate fasting for faith purposes and some for health purposes, it seemed drastic and difficult to him.But then Mosley had some medical tests done and discovered he had some risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, and he was a bit too heavy.
An older sedentary woman might need only 1,600 calories a day to maintain her weight, while an active younger man might need 3,000.Mosley divides his calories on the fasting days into two meals — breakfast and lunch. During the day he drinks lots of fluids, such as water, tea and coffee.If people eat 500 or 600 calories on the two fasting days each week and don't significantly overeat on the "feed days" the rest of the week, they will lose weight in a steady fashion, he says.
Hunger is one of those things that generally passes," Mosley says.Where he used to grab sugary treats when he was hungry, he now snacks on vegetables.
Dieters still get to enjoy the foods they love, most of the time, he says.Before he started intermittent fasting, Mosley, who is 5-foot-11, weighed 187 pounds and had a body mass index of 26, which put him into the overweight category. His fasting blood glucose (a measure of diabetes risk) was too high, along with his cholesterol.After two months on his program, he weighed 168 pounds, a loss of 19 pounds. His cholesterol and blood glucose and other factors fell to the normal range."I didn't want to lose any more because my wife, who is a doctor, said I was looking gaunt. These days, I fast one day a week, and often skip lunch on the other days."One scientist who studies fasting takes exception to the way some of her work was used in the book.
He says fasting is not recommended for people who are pregnant, those who are underweight, people with diabetes (especially type 1), and children and teenagers who aren't fully grown.
And he wouldn't recommend it to people who have issues with food, although "there is no evidence it will trigger anorexia or bulimia," Mosley says.Although plenty of people have reported their weight-loss success stories to him, not everyone is going to get the results they want, Mosley says.

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