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If you are breastfeeding, the nutrients in the food you eat are being passed on to your baby through your breast milk. The RDA for protein for lactating women is 71 grams per day, almost twice the RDA for non-pregnant, non-lactating women.
The RDAs for most vitamins and minerals are similar to the levels recommended during pregnancy. We all know calcium, along with vitamin D, is one of the major players in forming strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D needs can be difficult to meet through diet alone and most of us do not spend enough time in the sun to get what we need so this is one you really want to pay attention to. We are Louise and Jeremy, and we believe in eating Real Food, treating the cause of an illness rather than medicating the symptoms, and in the power of YOU to take control of your own health.

Not only do they support brain, immune and nervous system development, they also help your body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Cod liver oil in supplement form is a good way to bridge this gap, and the best dietary sources are cold water, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, and also eggs. More than that, even from a young age your baby is observing everything you do and learning from you. Some of these fats are made in the body, while others are passed through breast milk by way of the dietary fat you consume.
There are a few vitamins and minerals, however, that are required in higher amounts than during pregnancy because they are secreted in high levels through breast milk. Now is the time to start setting a good example and teaching healthy habits to set your baby up for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Just like you, your baby needs fat from saturated and unsaturated sources so go for an assortment of fats like fatty fish, red meat, pork, eggs, nuts and seeds (and their oils), avocados and coconut.
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There are tons of Paleo recipes out there that can be made with canned salmon, including my Garlic Rainbow Chard with Butternut Squash and Salmon. I like to include apples, bananas, nuts, dried fruits and my Paleo Trail Mix Bars, an exclusive recipe from my new book.

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