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The long hours and lack of respect was one of the biggest shocker when first working as a personal trainer. After Equinox, Isabel broke out on her own by first training clients in-home and then opened her own personal training gym and shares her challenges with running a gym and working with employees. The now Beyond Diet program started as a nutritional manual that was pieced together over a few years. Before her huge success, Isabel and her husband tried selling her nutrition program at trade shows and sold none.
Isabel tells an awesome story of how she went after her first big affiliate by being “annoying”!
Isabel shares how her Beyond Diet program went from selling 20 copies a day, and then 200 a day and then 2000 a day!
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The Diet Solution Program by Doctor Isabel De Los Rios is a best seller and aimed at providing effective and healthy weight loss solutions. At first, the program will have a set of questions to determine the metabolic type of an individual.
Most of us think, dieting is all about going to extremes and kicking out, a lot of foodstuffs off your platter or starving. Most healthcare specialists agree with one thing – to make a diet work, one should never torture themselves and remain hungry.

The Diet Solution Program Review has outlined what you can expect from the program and how it is good for you.
The Diet Solution also has an upgraded edition for $59, called Platinum Package, while the above given package is to be Basic Package. In short, it prepares you on the emotional level, motivates you and offers the determination needed to reduce weight and embrace a healthy lifestyle. This led her to discover Online Super Profits and then hireВ her first and current coach Craig Ballentyne’s and learned how to create and sell millions online. The Diet Solution Program not only helps with weight reduction, but also helps with improving overall health and boosts energy levels.
Depending on the answers, the type would be determined and diet would be only carbohydrate, only proteins, or a combination of both. The Platinum Package edition comes with these valuable add-ons to the basic package: A private consultation with Dr.
The Diet Solution Program is aimed at offering permanent lifestyle and dietary changes, not just to aid with weight loss, but also helps with transforming you into a healthy and active individual.
De Los Rios is a certified Strength and Conditioning Nutritionist and obtained her graduation from Rutgers University in Exercise Philosophy. This program will show how you can stay healthy and reach your weight loss goals, while still getting to enjoy foods you loved and cherish. Isabel De Los Rios via e-mail, a book on drugs that reduce cholesterols in 42 pages, a video guide on personal meal planning, an audio recording on simple meal planning, and another audio of questions and answers on nutrition that help with burning.

She has devoted over fifteen years in research, to identify the ideal weight loss method and also, one that will not hamper one’s health.
The Diet Solution Review is to help you understand the diet regiment Doctor De Los Rios suggests. So all you need to do is, buy the program for only $39.97 and if you aren’t satisfied, you are entitled for a refund within 60 days. Further ten years was spent for advising and helping individuals with weight loss and healthy lifestyle.
Her diet plan takes two things into consideration: metabolic type of the individual and removing food stuffs that aren’t ideal for you. The packages includes The Diet Solution Main Book that has 95 pages, The Diet Solution Quick Start guide, The Diet Solution recipes, an exhaustive shopping list, a Test to determine your metabolism type, a Progress Journal for both diet and exercise that’s about 126 pages, 60 Done for You and Delicious Meal Plans, The 10 Most Common Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat book that’s about 12 pages, and an intensive program called “14 Days to a sexy body”. In other words, this program aims at changing your food habits into a healthy and permanent one and not offering some extreme diet suggestions that will make you fat, once you are off it!  This program can work for both men and women, not everyone will have the same diet regimen.
Besides, individuals are asked to refrain from alcohol and are also taught about the goodness and nutritional vantage of natural foods.

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