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When we first heard about Jorge Cruise’s latest book “The 100” (William Morrow, $25.99), we thought that his eating plan would limit dieters to 100 grams of carbohydrates. If you’re stumped on what you can eat, “The 100” provides a 4-week meal plan, weekly shopping lists and recommended foods to keep you under 100 sugar calories (or 25 grams of carbs). Cruise provides options for recovering carbaholics that use almond and coconut flours and ground flax instead of wheat that can still give you the texture and body of baked goods with vastly fewer carbs. As you’d figure, his eating plan has the usual suspects of the typical low-carb diet – lot of protein, non-starchy vegetables, real cheeses, some nuts and other fats.

Gail Gedan SpencerWeight Loss ExaminerGail Gedan Spencer is an award-winning blogger and editor who strives to find the perfect combination of diet, exercise and motivation. The debate goes on: New research seems to prove cats are better than dogsThe battle over whether dogs, or cats, are better has always divided the animal-loving community – or, at least, those who love dogs and cats. Andrew Weil explains which carbs should be part of your diet and which should be steered away from. But when we finally got the book, which was released last week, we discovered that the 100 in the title was calories, not grams of carbs.

In his world, all carbs are looked at as “sugar.” Instead of reading the grams of sugar on the label, you need to read the grams of carbs per serving and multiply those by 4 – that will get you the sugar calories. Russell Greenfield explains the Glycemic index, how it affects you and which foods are best for your health.

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