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Paula Deen, the queen of Southern cooking on The Food Network, has the best recipe for Southern cornbread stuffing. In addition to locally owned markets, local chain stores such as Aldi's and Save-A-Lot will have all the ingredients you'll need for Paula Deen's Southern cornbread stuffing. All articles, recipes, recipe notes and adaptations (and photographs, where applicable) are under copyright and cannot be copied or reposted without prior written consent by the author.
Rachael MonacoBuffalo Cooking ExaminerRachael Monaco is a freelance writer who has published hundreds of tried and true recipes over the past 20+ years. Second perhaps only to the centerpiece turkey on Thanksgiving, stuffings and dressings are some of the most-craved and comforting dishes on your Turkey Day table. Simply Stuffed: As its name suggests, stuffing is traditionally stuffed into the cavity of the turkey and roasted inside of it.
All Dressed Up: Classic dressings are most often roasted separately from and served alongside the turkey, not inside of it, though their ingredients can be identical to stuffings’. Location, Location, Location: Many Southerners are die-hard dressing fans, while Northerners tend to prefer simple stuffings, but each family has its own Turkey Day traditions. Check out one of our classic and creative stuffing and dressing recipes below, then join the conversation: Tell us whether your family sides with stuffing or dressing and how you prepare this Thanksgiving favorite.

Alton’s Oyster Dressing from Food Network Magazine is an easy-to-prepare side dish featuring homemade cornbread, fragrant herbs and oysters. For an easy stuffing pick that requires just 20 minutes of prep time, try this Sausage and Apple Stuffing recipe from Food 2.
Made with buttery panettone, dried fruit and fresh sage, Michael Chiarello’s sweet and savory Panettone Stuffing (pictured above) sings with warm, fragrant flavors.
Her recipe for cornbread is easy, but you may want to use your make your own cornbread mix to make the cornbread for Paula Deen's Southern cornbread stuffing. Homemade Three-Meat Stuffing — Packed with chopped hard-boiled eggs, bell peppers and olives, this pork-, beef- and sausage-based stuffing boasts more meat than it does white bread and will feed up to a whopping 14 people. Cornbread Dressing with Pancetta, Apples and Mushrooms — The secret to The Pioneer Woman’s simple-to-make recipe is the trio of breads she uses in this sweet and savory casserole.
Brown Bread Stuffing with Fruit — After sauteing garlic, celery and onions with fresh herbs, add dried cherries and apples, as well as chopped pecans, then pour over whole-wheat bread; moisten the mixture with apple juice for a fuss-free stuffing. Sourdough Bread Stuffing — Toasted sourdough bread cubes soak up the rich flavors of buttery sauteed mushrooms, fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs before being baked until moist and warm. At my Thanksgiving table in Michigan, all of the (many, many) selections served are called stuffing though none are actually stuffed inside the bird.

In-season apples, pork sausage, crunchy walnuts and fresh vegetables are quickly sautГ©ed, combined with a cornbread stuffing mix and stuffed into the turkey before roasting. If you’re cooking for a few vegetarians this year, a naturally meatless stuffing will surely please them and your meat-eating guests alike. If you’re set on serving a traditional stuffing inside the turkey, the bread and the turkey thighs must be cooked to a minimum temperature of 165 degrees F. And if you happen to find yourself with a few extra carrots or celery stalks, put them to good use in a stuffing, as vegetables of all kinds work well with nearly all types of bread bakes. We have the answers, plus four foolproof recipes that will steal the side dish show at your Thanksgiving dinner.

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