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Shaina and I are collaborating today to bring you the main feature: the turkey and stuffing. There is a risk of salmonella poisoning as the stuffing comes in direct contact with the raw bird.
Cooking the stuffing to the correct temperature to kill the salmonella (170В°F) nearly always results in an overcooked turkey. Stuffing that is baked in a turkey tends to get soggy, where if it is baked separately, it gets a lovely crunchy top, while remaining moist enough underneath. Some may argue that there is a difference between stuffing and dressing, and they do have a point. Late autumn is when I am fiercely trying to use up all my herbs before the frost hits them, so fresh herbs are a natural addition to the stuffing.В  Fresh thyme and parsley from my small herb garden certainly work their magic in this dish, while fresh apples from our local orchards sweetened up this stuffing. I think my Mother-In-Law’s dressing recipe is very similar to the one you have posted here but unfortunately without the cranberries. I usually call it stuffing, even though I don’t think we’ve ever made it inside the turkey!

That fruity stuffing recipe really appeals to me…we have a traditional recipe that my husband concocted more than 30 years ago.
The best dressing I ever made used a variety of breads: biscuits, cornbread, and regular bread all together. I love stuffing as it is, many times during thanksgiving I and siblings would want yummy stuffing on side as it is and it was good eating.
If you want to print your recipe, right click where you want to print and select that page only. To save time, you can substitute 3 pounds of store-bought plain or chile corn bread for the Country Corn Bread in this sausage dressing. In the recipe below, guests are always delighted with the crispy bread bits on top of the stuffing. It never occurred to me to try adding fruit to my stuffing — think I might try it this year! I made it this morning, using gluten free cornbread and rice bread, and will pop it in the oven tomorrow morning.

Break the Country Corn Bread into 1-inch pieces, spread the pieces on a baking sheet and let dry slightly, for at least 4 hours or overnight. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015. I just make plain old boring dressing, I think this year I need to jazz it up some and try your recipe for sure! I was looking for something that combined dried fruits and herbs, and I think your recipe will be a wonderful addition to our Thanksgiving meal.

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