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For Thanksgiving I make 4 pies and I cut mine first in half and then into 6 slices on one side and 8 slices on the other.
Oreos are one of my favorite cookies and a super popular ingredient in many creative desserts. The first Thanksgiving took place over 300 years ago with Pilgrims and Native Americans in attendance. Of all the Thanksgiving-themed creative desserts on Pinterest, my favorite by far are the Thanksgiving dinner cupcakes from Make Bake Celebrate.
Plan a delicious Thanksgiving feast with these new recipes for tasty appetizers, savory stuffing, and delicious desserts to make your menu a meal to remember!

Add some touches of glitz and glam to your Thanksgiving dinner with these fabulous ideas, including a DIY floral centerpiece, signature cocktail and chic table setting. If you're sick of the typical turkey and cranberry sauce, these delicious recipes are perfect for your Thanksgiving menu.
As I plan my menu for the big meal, I have been glued to Pinterest hunting for new recipes to try. For a Pilgrim-inspired dessert, try the festive Thanksgiving Pilgrim hat cookies from Oh So Savvy Mom.
For a creative dessert for you Thanksgiving menu that incorporates peanut butter, check out the turkey Nutter Butter cookies from Frugal Coupon Living.

For a seasonal dessert for the Thanksgiving table, try the super easy but super delicious chocolate Kiss acorn treats from Little Nummies. For my Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks of the week, here are my top pins inspired by creative Thanksgiving desserts.

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