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I love that Thanksgiving is a big food celebration holiday; it’s a great occasion to get together with family and friends to enjoy delicious dishes and be thankful for everything we have. Mandarin mimosa: Bubbly mandarin mimosa cocktail recipe made with fresh mandarin juice, champagne or sparkling wine, and orange liqueur. Ceviche de langostinos: Easy ceviche recipe made with langostinos, lime juice, red onions, cilantro, hot peppers, garlic, and olive oil.
Herb butter roasted turkey: Recipe for roasted turkey with thyme lemon garlic butter and white wine gravy sauce.
Spicy mango cranberry sauce: Spicy cranberry sauce recipe made with fresh cranberries, mangoes, jalapenos, brown sugar, passion fruit juice and cilantro. Llapingachos de camote: Recipe for sweet potato patties stuffed with cheese, or llapingachos de camote, made with mashed sweet potatoes, onion and achiote refrito, and cheese.
Ecuadorian style rice: Basic recipe for cooking rice Ecuadorian style, you can make either the classic white rice and arroz amarillo or yellow achiote rice.

Quinoa with tomatillo and cilantro sauce: A spicy tangy quinoa dish that’s a great healthy side dish for Thanksgiving.
Pumpkin flan: Easy flan recipe prepared with candied pumpkin cooked in brown sugar and spices, eggs, cream and orange liqueur. Turkey empanadas: Recipe for homemade turkey empanadas filled with turkey, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, cumin, oregano and balsamic vinegar. I am amazed at your cross-cultural flavor and can’t wait to read more and try more recipes. We are excited to welcome you to Pocket Change Gourmet, a collaborative effort aimed at helping families rediscover the joy of cooking a delicious frugal meal together. Most of my Thanksgiving meals have been international potluck style, there’s always a turkey, but most of the side dishes and other parts of the meal have an international twist that reflects the cultures of the people gathered around the table. Even if it’s just the husband, kids and I, we usually have some Latin (and French) components added to our Thanksgiving meal.

These are some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes that will add some Latin (or French) flavor to your menu. In case you don’t, I have some recipes that you will want to add to your list and don’t forget about the Thanksgiving Leftovers! Check out the featured recipes below, or use the links to explore our full database of Thanksgiving dishes.

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