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These fill-in desserts are some of my favorites on the holiday table, so that's what we're talking about today. Take this lineup we have for you: Cranberry curd bars in a walnut shortbread crust, (which caused a virtual stampede at the joint Thanksgiving Emma and I threw one year) and a buttery, over-the-top apple cake with a boozy sauce. The best part of these desserts is that they're good all season-round; unlike pumpkin pie, which often feels bound to its traditional holiday, I'm willing to bet that most of us would happily eat a slice of browned butterscotch pie any day of the year. Last year was my first experience of thanksgiving, thanks to an american friend of mine, and hence the first time i had tried pumpkin pie – and i love it!

We rifled through the internet to find the most mouthwatering, sweet, and delicious dessertsВ that will impress one and all!
We threw in a couple pies, too, just to keep with the sweet spirit of America's biggest pie-eating day. But after those staunch traditions come the corner desserts, the one or two wild cards squeezed in between pies for post-dessert nibbles, or to satisfy those who will just never love pumpkin pie.
These are often the most interesting desserts on the holiday table — Aunt Sue's bourbon balls, the Canadian cousins' Nanaimo bars, Mom's cranberry cake.

Today I’m sharing my favorite, amazingly delicious Thanksgiving Desserts…Pies, Breads, Cookies, Cake and more!

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