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Along with Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz, the Dudleys revolutionized tag team matches with their Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches.
Both teamed back up eventually, and they ended up capturing more gold before being let go by WWE in 2005.
Without WWE the Dudley Boyz would be in the same boat as The Eliminators, The Super Destroyers, and most other ECW tag team champions. The Rhodes bros as tag team champs are the best thing to happen to the division in recent memory. Most of us have tried one diet or another, and often it takes some creativity and innovation to get Kickstarted into shape again.

But, in this current era of WWE, it seems they are not to concerned with tag teams and having them at the forefront. I grew up during the attitude era (lucky me) and the Dudleys were one of the tag teams I loved watching. It’s easy to talk (and write) about diet and exercise, but as most of us know — it’s not so easy to put our plans into true actionВ and achieve the svelte results we desire. WWE felt that the two were not working well, and believed they were done as a top tag team. As 3D printed food moves into the culinary arts, it makes sense that it will hit the diet and exercise scene as well.

We can obviously expect teams to go over on them, but the Dudleys could have one last good run with the tag titles before retiring from full-time work.

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