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Tabata interval training is one of the single most effective types of high intensity interval training, it’s also the most intense by far, and surprisingly it’s the shortest in duration, it only lasts for four minutes… but those four minutes produce remarkable effects!
This makes it an very versatile program, you can use tabata for weight loss as well as improving performance in most aerobic and anaerobic sports.
The full Tabata program is four minutes long, it will probably feel like the longest four minutes of your life!
You can do Tabata exercise with sprints, but it is far more adaptable than other forms of interval training. Elite Sports Clubs trainers have been using Tabata training one-on-one with clients, and even in a small group training atmosphere.

This entry was posted in Fitness & Training and tagged fat loss, high intensity, interval training, personal trainer, personal training, quick workout, small group training, tabata, weight loss on February 5, 2014 by Elite Sports Clubs. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Tabata discovered that this kind of interval training produces much better results than aerobic training. Elite members love Tabata because there are no excuses for not being able to fit your workout into your day!
Instead of swimming 4000 meters 3 times a week, I started swimming a mile followed by Tabata sprints in the water.

Check out our fitness calendar to view a schedule of available Tabata small group training programs, or ask your personal training to start incorporating it into your sessions, if they haven’t done so already!
I still go on intense mountain bike rides, but try to make it a combination of cardio, sprint, and play when I do.

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