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TABATA INTERVALS send your Metabolic Rate through the roof, Giving your body no choice but to SCORCH FAT.
Tabata Intervals focus on short bursts of high intensity, burning fat while retaining and toning muscles. When I first found out about the Tabata Protocol I felt like I had stumbled across a miracle drug! I had looked into tabata timers and things like that, but hated the idea of having to turn off my music so that I could hear a buzzer! You may choose to do consecutive Tabata Intervals (a FOUR MINUTE Tabata immediately following another).

Since Japanese Doctor Izumi Tabata created this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method in the 1990s, gyms, trainers and CrossFit Affiliates from around the world have been incorporating theВ Tabata protocolВ into their daily workouts regimes.
Easier and more inspiring than a timer, these original, timed songs can kick up your routine.
Just set up your playlist to play consecutive Tabata Songs, or set your favorite song to repeat. For anyone unfamiliar with Tabata training, a Tabata is a four-minute interval workout, consisting of 20 seconds of intense activity, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of eight intervals.
My friend Jay Driscoll along with Barefoot Truth band-mate John “Wayno” Waynelovich wrote, performed and recorded these songs specifically for Tabata training.

When doing this, the first ten seconds of your second song is your REST period from the last INTERVAL of your previous song. Jay explains how Tabata Songs originated: “While on tour, we have found Tabata Training to be the quickest, most effective form of exercise.

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