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As Andrea told you, I am a sweetaholic, and I base everything I do around sweets.  A trip to Homegoods (and there are many—too many) and I’m buying candy and a regular 20 oz Coke at the checkout.
I was constantly in a state of dizziness and stomach distress from way too many sweets.В В  This week was a different story. I already did my grocery shopping for the week, but I want to try to follow a similar diet for next week.
This week, I included them to show her that her favorite things can still exist in her diet.

With all of the other options available that she talked about, I know that if this were any time В other than week 1 of our new diet, Mom would have eaten thousands more calories. So proud of her with sticking with it and what an added bonus that she is already feeling better this quickly into changing up her diet.
You are such a sweet person and your Mom can be so happy to have a support system like that. And even in the past, if she had been on a diet, it easily would have been over by the time the wedding reception started.

The only drinks she had were water and a Diet Coke, which she tells me she hated (she drinks regular Coke almost exclusively, so Diet apparently tastes like poison to her).

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