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All funds from the Komen Race for the Cure go to research, education, screening and treatment programs.
Use your key for the next articleNext: Transplant donor named director at National Kidney Foundation of Md. The organization met with some scrutiny last year when it was decided to eliminate over a half million dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings and education programs, because the group supported abortion as part of family planning.
Later, SGK changed its decision after massive protest, thereby upsetting anti-abortionists as well who accused the organization of being wishy-washy on its moral standings and catering to special interest groups. Nationwide, Race for the Cure has noticed a slight drop in participants for its five K race series in years prior to the incident, but that did not stop nearly 5,000 people from descending upon the pinked out streets and squares of downtown Savannah to run and walk the 3.1 mile course through the historic district with sunny skies and temperatures in the chilly 60s and warming to a comfortable 75 by midday.
Local runners who have run the race before noted that the after party and free swag given away in Telfair Square seemed a bit scarce, with pink warrior scarves running out and being replaced by plastic bookmarkers that mostly ended up in the trash and on the ground. The free yogurt, toilet tissue and even the beer of years past was nowhere to be found and the park was not as crowded with only a small 3 man band on the street side facing runners as they came in to the park. Survivors had a nice set up with an extended cafГ© across the street and plenty of perks, including a free set of pink beads for every year they remained cancer free or had survived cancer recurring and gone through treatments again. As always, the race was moving, physically as well as emotionally as women in wheel chairs, hobbling, leaning, walking and running with bald heads, pink head scarves and pink tutus were joined by men, teens and younger children, dogs and enough baby carriages to form a small brigade.
Local jazz and inspirational singer Huxie Scott, kicked off the event with a rousing performance of the Star Spangled Banner as Robert Espinoza of Fleet Feet Sports did his best imitation of a mountain goat, climbing up stairs to platforms and ladders to get a good view of the crowd and announce the comings and goings of the race including the ever popular Team Terri which brought in thousands of dollars in donations last year alone to rank as one of the highest giving teams in the nation. This year, walkers were placed not only behind the runners, but to the left or far outside lane, so runners were able to make the tight turn to the right without tripping over walkers and baby strollers and causing a bottleneck effect and complete halt of movement which tends to irritate those who want to make a fast break and earn a PR (Personal Record or personal fastest race). Considering this person was behind me and I had estimated I was running about a 10.4 mile pace, I found this difficult to believe, but maybe they just started way further behind me and caught up over time. It was not that I was anti-Komen, so much that I was just tired of doing the same thing over and over.
My recurring leg injury was in catch mode as well with my hip and knee locking up and I had not been able to run more than a mile in the last two weeks without being in pain, but when local YMCA membership director, Lori Langston offered her bib number to anyone who wanted it, and no one else did, the guilt of not participating overtook me and I almost reluctantly decided to go.
I thought at first an egg had exploded, but then smelled the tell tale signs of electric wire on fire and began to look for water or flour or something to toss on the glowing flames that were smoldering on the foam and plastic and sending smoke up from the pot on the stove. A few panicked moments later and the fire was out, but all I could think of was how close I had just come to burning my house down or catching myself on fire and how quickly you can go from living a totally oblivious life of ignorant bliss, to the realization that your life is really hanging on a very thin thread and any slight upset is enough to change your world around so quickly that you wonder why it happened and if you did anything to deserve it.

In my case, I knew the old stove was on its last days and had some issues and I knew that keeping flammable things near said stove was not the smartest choice, but I was still grateful that God saw fit to bring me out of the situation alive and unharmed and I supposed at that moment that learning you have cancer is one of those life changing, near panic moments that hits you like a proverbial fire ball and explodes before you making you wonder how you are ever going to escape unharmed. As it turned out, I ended up running the race, not being able to find my friend Helen who had offered to let me walk with her and her grandsons. I had actually slipped into the pack near the front to take pictures and the crowd grew so large, that I could not make it back to the sidewalk, so sort of got caught up in the wave. The race started a little faster and the only time we really slowed down was when a car was parked on the race route and everyone had to condense inward to avoid running into it or over it. Oddly, I didn’t really hurt until I sprinted the last fifty feet to pass by the three people who passed me about 300 yards from the finish when I knew could not sustain a fast pace that long.
With 5,000 people you rarely have a moment where you are running totally alone and there is always someone who wants to run three inches from you while breathing heavily or throwing out their arms as if they are experiencing Turrets Syndrome, conducting their own small orchestra, stretching their arms with wild abandon or purposefully trying to keep other runners from getting too close in their personal space, so that you find yourself dodging and evading and looking to tailgate someone who has a similar pace and stick close to them should the need arise to make an opening dash to get away from some mad runner dancing to the beat of their own imaginary drummer or wanting to talk to you about politics or religion when you really just want to be in the running zone and not have a conversation with a stranger. There was the occasional rebel, like the woman in the blue tank top, mustard yellow leggings and pale blue tutu, who was obviously from the anti-pink establishment (I confess I had thought about wearing blue too, just to be different; ornery and different, but I guess the near burning down of my house took the rebel out of me). At the finish the Royal Flush restrooms had turned into indoor outhouses as the water to the toilets ceased to flow and toilet paper, pee and poop backed up into the bowls, but the luxury of an outdoor flush toilet was nice while it lasted. The main problem with the Royal Flush mobiles is that they have a mirror and when you put a woman in a bathroom with a mirror she takes three times longer to pee than if you put her in a little green plastic box where she has to hold on to the door handle to keep from falling back into the poop filled pit. The race was nice, but seemed to lack completion with no real central entertainment or refreshments and just a few goodies like a backpack bag from Walgreens with a free pedometer inside (the last of which I got managed to make it all of three days before breaking and said I had walked two miles when I actually walked one), but this one may be different.
Watching the women who had beaten or were battling cancer was one of the highlights of the race and it seemed like the best costumes and outfits came at the end of the race with the walkers rather than the runners. One guy had a fake pink mustache that looked more like his nose was running pink goo, but hey, give the guy an A for effort, that could not have been too comfortable to wear the whole route. The next big Cancer Awareness event is the Relay for Life event which encourages teams to stay overnight and keep someone walking or running on the track all 12 hours to raise money to fight cancers of all kinds. With all the money different charities ask for, sometimes it is hard to decide where to put your money and it can even seem like you are being harassed to give to one cause when you have already donated to several others. If this is the case, consider going out to support walkers and runners at Relay for Life or purchasing a luminary to honor someone you love who has survived cancer. It sometimes gets old to do the same thing over and over again, but you have to think about the personal aspects of helping someone who has cancer or preventing someone from getting cancer to begin with and then you can see the excitement of those who encourage you to help and not feel harassed or singled out.

If you disagree with one organization who is trying to help cancer survivors, then look for another, or offer to visit with someone who is dying of cancer, or even offer to help clean their house or prepare a meal for them.
Beverly EnglishSavannah Outdoor Recreation ExaminerBeverly English is a Savannah native who has traveled extensively around the region. I had not even offered to volunteer and felt a little guilty considering I had volunteered for the race four years in a row and ran in it twice and walked in it twice. One year a group of college students and military men actually did run over the top of an illegally parked car in a road race and left foot tracks all over it.
Joe Nettles who was running after breaking a hip, and yes, I did feel guilty passing him, but in all fairness, he has beaten me in the last two races I ran with him, so it felt a bit nice to pass him too.
Everyone else seemed to be selling something or wanting you to join something and give them your address, phone number and email so they could harass you without end. It is coming up on May 3-4 from 7 pm to 7 am at the Benedictine Military track off Eisenhower Drive. There is always something good you can do without taking sides and helping to prevent cancer or prolong someone's life is a pretty noble cause worth pursuing. She has written for numerous publications and enjoys being outdoors and enjoying recreational sports and nature, especially the coastal regions where wildlife and human life can be quite diverse, yet all share a common bond. As I was stirring the eggs and the noodles I heard, then saw a loud fizz, pow, whee, as a fireball flew past my face and into a box I had on the floor that was filled with foam rubber, quartz rocks and plastic model horses I was debating on whether to sell on eBay or keep, and instead just left them sitting next to the stove, all the while thinking that wasn't a really good place to keep them. You don’t expect children to get cancer and let’s face it, a lot of us blame other’s cancer on their weight, lack of healthy habits and inclination to engage in risky behaviors that are known to increase cancer threats. Still, helping to make people more aware of their risks and providing them with free or reduced testing and follow up care is a noble cause even if the organization supporting it is prone to making some mistakes.
No matter whose life you are running for, now is the time to get involved and run for their life!

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