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Sugar has a pretty bad rap, and it's not all unwarranted — studies show it may be as addictive as alcohol or cigarettes.
Generally speaking, naturally occurring sugars, like those from fruit, are less detrimental to your health than added, refined sugars, like those in a powdery doughnut.
Looking at the nutritional values of a small doughnut and piece of fruit, you might see similar sugar counts, gram for gram. But eliminating refined sugar goes beyond cutting back on dessert and blended coffee beverages.

While this isn't a free ticket to eat as much naturally occurring sugar as you want, this should clear up qualms about avoiding sugar altogether. Beyond increased rates of obesity all over the country, overzealous consumption — the average American consumes a whopping 130 pounds of sugar per year — leads to higher risks of type 2 diabetes, liver damage, heart disease, and even cancer. Added sugars come in the form of granules, powders, and syrups that are cooked into foods or added at the table.
But according to Heidi Skolnik, nutritionist to the Women's Sports Medicine Center in New York, comparing these two foods on their sheer sugar count is ridiculous.

According to the American Heart Association, most women should be consuming no more than 100 calories from these added sugars per day, or about 24 grams (six teaspoons of sugar). Clean-eating guru Cynthia Sass MPH, RD, explains: "There's a little bit of added sugar in your flavored yogurt.

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