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These foods are a complete diet, however we recommend supplementing the pellets with fresh fruits and vegetables.
As you learn more about what your gliders likes and dislikes you can alter this schedule to accommodate their needs and wants. Glider Booster adds additional vitamins, calcium, and minerals that should be mixed with the dry food.
I just want to say that kazkos diet is a great place to start when looking at foods to feed your gliders. In the sugar glider’s natural domain insects are primary to the diet, and when insects are abundant is generally when most of the breeding will occur.
Sugar gliders will rely on other food sources as the abundance of insects decrease in the colder winter months. I am offering a suggested diet plan that has been refined as a result of my close working relationship with SunCoast Sugar Gliders. Now I am compelled at this point to tell you that there are many paths to good nutrition if you have a sound understanding of the sugar glider’s nutritional needs. As we proceed to the specifics of the recommended diet plan, keep in mind the importance of environmental enrichment. Special Note: Just weaned joeys are not quite ready for the mealworms or crickets yet, so substitute Gerber chicken baby food mixed with applesauce or sweet potatoes for the protein portion of the diet.

I do not recommend that you substitute cat food as your choice of staple diet for your sugar glider. If you plan to give additional treats to your sugar glider, do so after they’ve eaten a significant portion of their meal. This is a diet plan that I can endorse as I’ve seen firsthand the success of this program. When you feed a good diet, there is no need to add extra vitamins or calcium in powder form. Pellets are not recommended for a proper sugar glider diet, although as long as they are eating their proper meal, there is nothing wrong with keep a handful in their cage.
Another aspect to consider when feeding your sugar glider is the Calcium to Phosphorus Ratios (Ca:P).
In Australia one of the local Zoos has been breeding and keeping Sugar Gliders since the early 1960’s. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is very good for your sugar glider when offered in the right form and amounts.
I see a great number of exotic animals in my practice, and because exotics are relatively few in number as compared to the more traditional domestic pets, I am not yet convinced that there is an adequate pre-packaged food product available that meets all the needs of the sugar glider. Unfortunately it can be a nuisance for someone who didn’t realize that when they bought their sugar glider.

Along those lines it is not a good idea to feed gliders pizza, chicken nuggets (or any other fast food) or meat that has been seasoned. Junk Food night is similar to the human version, you can disregard the schedule and diet information to feed your suggies’ favorites.
There diet has been developed over the years and the latest was added to by an animal nutritionist who added the bird vitamins. I have been reading a lot in forums lately and it seems that pet shops consistently tell people that sugar gliders can eat a mixture of fruits, veggies and the dreaded pellets. Try and give you sugar gliders a variety of foods so they benefit from all of the different vitamins and nutrients the fruits and veggies have to offer!
After some discussions we think this may have come about because of the ease to which these vitamins can be added to many diets.
Here it is not recommended to add the reptile vitamins as these were designed primarily for reptiles although I don’t understand therefore why the bird vitamins were added for sugar gliders other than perhaps they are more gentle to the digestive system of gliders.

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