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Although whole fruit can be sugary, the effect of the sugar in whole fruit is different to the sugar in sugary drinks or even fruit juice. The sugar in whole fruit is contained within the cells of the fruit (intrinsic), which means it causes minimal decay. Taking whole fruit and drying it or turning it into juice changes the sugar to being outside the fruit’s cell walls (i.e. Also, fruit – which is how many of us get our five a day – is high in fructose, which affects blood sugar levels. 215 calories0g fat52.6g sugarSUGAR EQUIVALENT13 Oreo Chocolate biscuitsEXPERT VERDICTGood old Ribena.

335 calories0g fat78g sugarSUGAR EQUIVALENT20 Maryland Chocolate Chip CookiesEXPERT VERDICTThis fruit flavoured energy drink has 40% more sugar per 100ml than Red Bull, which in turn is sugarier than Coke.
SUGAR EQUIVALENT8 Twix Caramel SlicesEXPERT VERDICTAnother coffee on the list, this time from EAT, that should come with a health warning every time it's ordered.This behemoth contains 90g of sugar, that's 21 teaspoons of the white stuff, alongside 580 calories, the equivalent of a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and then some!
Every sugary snack causes an acid attack on your teeth for up to an hour after you eat, leading to decay. The high fructose sugar content piles the pressure on your liver, and the fact that it's a smoothie makes virtually no difference.
That's how much sugar is in this supposedly healthy looking fruit drink.Slurp this drink down for breakfast on your way to work and you'll have consumed 108 per cent of your RDA of sugar.

To get the same sugar hit from Coca Cola you'd have to drink two and half cans of the Brown Doctor.
The fibre has been so heavily pulped during the manufacturing process that the full sugar load of this smoothie is still rapidly absorbed by the body.Recent recommendations Dr Lustig have suggested that we need to get our sugar intake down to six teaspoons for women and nine teaspoons for men. The sugars found in our drinks are made up of the sugars in fruit juice and sucrose which is needed to ensure that our drinks taste great (without it they would taste too sharp).

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