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Fruit is touted as a super-healthy snack option, but while the fiber and other nutrients found in fruit are a great part of any diet, many varieties can also be very high in sugar.
Too much sugar, regardless of where it comes from, can have some seriously negative effects. What You Need to KnowThe American Heart Association recommends no more than 26 grams of sugar per day for women, or 36 grams per day for men. There is fierce debate about the role of added sugar in contributing to the obesity crisis. Current advice says no more than 11% of a person's daily food calories should come from added sugars, or 10% once alcohol is taken into account. It turns out all carbohydrate sugars are not created equally.В  Fructose seems to be especially evil for modern man. This entry was posted in diet, fat, sugar, weight loss and tagged agave, agave is bad, fatty liver and fructose, fructose, fructose and disease, Fructose and fat, fructose in fruit, fructose sugar, fructose vs glucose, fruit sugar, worst fructose offenders on March 22, 2014 by Doug.

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UK government scientists today halved the recommended level of added sugar people should eat each day.And the World Health Organization has also said people should aim to get just 5% of their daily calories from the sweet stuff.
That works out at about 50g of sugars for a woman and 70g for a man, depending on how active they are.And it's this level which has just been halved in a draft report by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition.
Fructose is the primary sugar found in most plants (especially starchy vegetables andВ  fruits).
Many Americans are decadents of people from non-tropical locales such as but not limited to northern Europe. Health professionals take a dim view of sugars added to processed food but say that naturally occurring sweetness in milk and fruit is largely fine, with the exception of juice. As far as I can tell, the Middle ages and before had very few airplanes to transport fruit across continents.

While there is no UK government health guideline for total sugars, the figure of 90g per day is used as a rule of thumb on labelling in Britain and across the EU. Reference intakes are not the same as dietary reference values (DRVs), which are what health professionals use when calculating added sugars - taking us back to the 10-11%. Sweets, chocolate and jams made up another 19-22% of children's sugar intake and younger children also get a large proportion of their sugar from cereals - including cakes and biscuits - and drinks including fruit juice. Health effectsScientists are still investigating whether there are direct causal links between high sugar intake and weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses.

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