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The vast majority of processed “fruit” snacks contain higher concentrations of sugar than a bag of Haribo, health campaigners have claimed. 29 May 2015 From the section Health Many supposedly "healthy" fruit snacks aimed at children contain more sugar than sweets, says a campaign group. Several brands of supposedly healthy children's fruit snacks contain more sugar than Haribo sweets, according to a study. This study utilized 80 proof (40% alcohol) vodka and Jell-O brand gelatin dessert of various flavors, with parallel tests on both the regular and sugar-free varieties.
We then undertook the traditional method of Jell-O shot preparation, using a recipe with typical proportions as a control. This formula represents a modification of the recipe on the Jell-O box, but simply substitutes an amount of vodka for a portion of the cold water originally called for. Having established that plain hot water was only necessary in the Jell-O shot recipe to dissolve the gelatin initially, we made an attempt to ascertain the minimum amount of water required for this purpose.
To determine if any alcohol was being lost due to evaporation or boiling off during the mixing process, we measured the temperature of the Jell-O solution after the powder was dissolved in boiling water, at the point just before the alcohol was to be added. Some Jell-O shot recipes suggest chilling the vodka before adding it to the Jell-O mixture. Differences in taste and texture between the regular and sugar-free Jell-O shots were negligible, especially as the percentage of alcohol increased. Although the proportion of alcohol to be added to Jell-O shots is partly a matter of taste, the typical Jell-O shot recipe greatly underestimates the amount of alcohol that can be added to Jell-O while still maintaining the gelatin’s setting properties.

As a word of warning to those who might attempt to duplicate this experiment at home, be aware that it produces Jell-O shots that have four or more times the alcohol content of regular Jell-O shots. Our Senior Dietitian, Victoria Taylor, explains that it is not always easy to identify healthy food options and that is why we need clear colour coding on the front of food packaging. Follow these ten simple steps: Swap it, don't stop it Swap two chocolate coated biscuits for one slice of toasted raisin bread for your morning snack and you’ll be consuming 30g less added sugar – not to mention 1500 less kilojoules! Fruits provide us with the best form of natural sugars, so they are good for a snack if you are feeling low on energy or if you are an active person.
To this end, we made over two dozen batches of Jell-O shots, and exhausted the contents of nearly five 1.75 liter bottles of vodka. The significant properties of the sugar-free compared to regular Jell-O are that the sugar-free mix has a much smaller volume (0.3 oz. Since alcohol evaporation is not an issue, we see no advantage to this practice other than possibly accelerating the rate at which the Jell-O shots gel. At the highest concentrations of alcohol, the cherry Jell-O began to taste unpleasantly like cough syrup. Recipes for Jell-O shots are often accompanied by the explanation that only a certain amount of liquor can be added to Jell-O shots, the reason being that a minimum amount of water is necessary to enable the gelatin to gel, and too much alcohol will prevent this. Although we did not time how long it took the Jell-O to gel, in most cases it seemed to take longer than four hours to reach maximum firmness. Jell-O powder) yields a crisp, clear gelatin with a firm and resilient texture and a mild alcohol flavor.

If you choose to test the results of your own Jell-O shot experiment by ingesting them, please do so responsibly. We observed a high amount of sediment in the dissolved solution and noted that it did not seem that the gelatin nor the sugar was completely dissolved.
With sugar-free Jell-O, the minimum amount of boiling water necessary is 3 oz., and up to 24 oz.
This means you can potentially get one third more servings from a package of Jell-O by adding extra water. After adding the boiling and cold water to the (lime) gelatin, we observed some undissolved gelatin residue clinging to the glass measuring cup, and noted that there seemed to be some undissolved sugar crystals in the liquid. Because of these factors, it is possible to achieve a slightly higher alcohol concentration by using sugar-free Jell-O.
Nevertheless, this batch produced satisfactory results, with a less sweet and distinctly pronounced strong alcohol flavor. Comparing these to the original batch of Jell-O shots, we noted a slight difference in clarity: the control batch was crystal clear, while the higher alcohol batch seemed slightly cloudy.

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