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Im living in adelaide, and I am really desperate to find someone who has a few brazilian custard apple trees.
I remember reading in a gardening book years ago a quote saying that eventually every serious gardener will attempt to espalier a fruit tree. This year I have attempted to document the winter pruning of my espaliered apple to help explain some of the pruning techniques involved. Fruiting spurs are different from normal growth branches and appear to have a swollen claw-like appearance as seen in picture No 5 below. As you can see, this espaliered apple will create a living dividing wall between my vegetable garden and my outdoor living area. Shape deciduous ornamental trees and shrubs now, removing inward crossing branches and cutting back lanky bits. There is one pest that has been making an appearance in almost every garden, and that is the citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella. As I said above just keep the tree growing as cutting back is not really an option on dwarf trees as you weaken the tree and it becomes smaller and smaller. In the Garden Centre we sometimes get in some of the more tropical and exotic fruiting plants like mangoes, custard apples, tropical guavas, avocadoes and coffee.
As I have an interest in the rarer fruit myself I had the pleasure of visiting Mark in Mount Waverley who has a garden filled with exotic fruit trees and to investigate his methods and compare them to mine.
I think the first observation was that he made full use of the micro climates available in his garden by placing trees in the sheltered spots and ensuring tender plants were not exposed to the hot summer sun as for instance he grouped his avocados together in a corridor. Dwarf trees will produce full sized fruit as it is the tree that is dwarfed and not the fruit, although early on the fruit may be smaller as the tree establishes, but still full of flavour! The real beauty of all citrus is their evergreen foliage, fragrant flowers and colourful fruit – yellow to red which you can take advantage of by moving your potted tree around. The main difference between a standard citrus tree designed to grow in the ground and in pots and is the rootstock the tree is budded on to, with dwarf trees grafted on to Trifoliata – Flying Dragon rootstock. These dwarf the tree to between 1.5 to 2 metres if grown in the ground but even less if grown in a pot. Then there is the next photo showing young trees growing of Tahitian Lime, Eureka Lemon, Japanese Seedless Mandarin and Meyer Lemon all growing in 300 mm pots (Photo 2). You will find a range of Dwarf Citrus available at Gardenworld either as the Pipqueak Range in 150 mm pots or larger trees in 200 mm pots as you can see in the two photos (Photo 3 & 4). You need to use a good quality Debco Terracotta and Tub Potting Mix as the trees will be living in this mix for life and cheaper ones tend to break down and become water logged (Photo 6).

So here is a list of winter chill hours for some of the more common fruit trees that could be grown in Melbourne and I would like to highlight some.
If you are having trouble with getting good blossoming on your fruit trees then the lack of winter chill hours for your specific variety may be an issue and some years may be better than others.
Gardenworld currently has good stocks of many sub-tropical and exotic fruit trees so come in and see what is available or speak to Dennis on Saturday’s for further information on which may be suitable for your garden. Rare exotic variety of Sugar apple (Custard Apple) with red skin, with sweeter taste and wonderful flavor.This item is certified for shipping to California. Small size tree that will produce fruit within 1-2 years; will successfully fruit in container. Remove the flowers as it will save the tree from devoting any energy into fruit production and will push it back into a growth faze. Try a Zinc Sulphate spray, my trees got one and all of them citrus, stone and pome fruit all responded very well.
Hello, I have a problem with one custard apple tree in particular where the top of the fruit turns a black colour.
My custard apple tree which is usually flush with fruit had 2 last year and nothing so far this year.
In our previous residence, we had a fully grown custard apple tree in the ground which bore fruit. Thank you Ellen for the Potting information, thats good to know as I have a very small patio ( city dweller here boo hoo ) and everything is in pots or some other container.
Put simply, espalier is the discipline of training and pruning a tree into a single-planed shape such as a fence line or similar structure. This apple is a Gala variety, and I have been training it as an espalier for about eight years.
Apart from apricots, it is also time to prune back deciduous fruit trees so as to control their size and improve branching. Keep in mind that it is only the tree that is dwarfed and not the fruit which will be full sized once the tree matures. I would pot up a 150 mm Pipqueak tree into a 200 mm pot initially and a larger 200 mm tree into a 300 mm pot initially (Photo 5). The final crop last winter was over 200 fruits from the one tree and this year the crop is going to be the a bit smaller around 150 but the fruit larger due to a heavy spring pruning as the fruit can become smaller the weaker the branches are and the further out the fruit are hanging.
This is such a great tree for the home garden as the leaves colour up beautifully every year and are more reliable than Japanese maples in this way.

These include: mango (indoors last winter but see how it goes this year outside but may need to bring indoors again), avocados, acerola cherry, coffee, curry leaf tree etc. The fruit doesn't break apart like regular Sugar Apples when you open a ripe fruit, and the skin can be peeled off. One of the best subtropical fruit trees, small tree, starts fruiting right away, relatively cold hardy. You can get a crop from the second or third year but please only leave a couple of fruit on as these dwarf trees need all the energy to grow to establish a framework in early years. It is the number of hours below 7 c measured during the three main winter months of June, July and August required to set off flowering and blooming in many fruit trees. They are colouring up nicely from green to red now before hanging in the tree like Christmas decorations. The idea is on nights expected to drop below 5 c to create a tent which will cover the trees and drain the cold air away.
Also a brazilian custard apple,jak,paw paw,r2e2 mangoe,spk mangoe,8 guavas,red and yellow pitaya and a chocolate custard fruit. The objective is to reduce the length of these whips to just a few centimetres so that growth can continue in a controlled manner and the tree can re-direct its energy into fruit production.
The adult is a tiny moth that is silver-white in colour with yellow markings and they have an approximate wingspan of 5mm. Silver aztec maze designs appear on the leaf surface and can cause the foliage to discolour overtime.
But it is not quite so simple as many factors affect chill units including the specific variety and whether a tree is in the sun or shade, wind etc.
This plant drops leaves during winter-spring.This is the best species of Annona suited for container growing, due to its small heightThis item is certified for shipping to California.
Other symptoms can cause plants to wilt and in heavy infestations can cause affected trees to suffer from stress and remain unhealthy for long periods of time. One of the benefits of espaliered fruit trees is that they can easily be netted to protect fruit from birds and possums.
Very fast growing under favorable conditions, it may fruit in container, within 2 years from seed.

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