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Her new book expresses her passion in an interesting story of two little boys and how the differences in their food choices affect their lives. With school starting next week it's the perfect time to start talking about lunchbox ideas. Oh this book is so sweet, little Oscar is sensitive about his food intolerances and I feel that if we all educated our children about this issue children with intolerances or allergies wouldn't feel so excluded.

Now, we explorers are getting ready for school where we can share all the fun new games and nutrition news we learned in the food pyramid.
We know it is okay to eat these foods once in awhile but with healthy foods so our body will feel great! Now, we always make sure to have a healthy lunch that gives us all the energy we need to learn and play and have lots of fun!

I can't help but think it will make him a better person being more sensitive to the feelings of the children around him but will also help him make better food choices for himself.

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