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Hearty, filling, and flavorful, there are few foods that can top the taste and aroma of a juicy steak.
Chipotle Steak SandwichesChipotle Steak SandwichesPump up a flatiron steak sandwich with chipotle-spiced mayonnaise. Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for writing, vintage clothes, old movies and cooking, especially dinners and desserts. Top steaks with cheese mixture and broil for another 3 minutes until melted and lightly browned.
Whether you are looking to serve a Steak Dinner, some Ribs or even an easy Slow Cooker Meal, here are 20 that are sure to please you and your man!
Move over tenderloin, my new favorite cut of beef is the ‘Flat Iron,’ also known as the ‘Top Blade.’ Thanks to the Texas Beef Council for making the suggestion! Every week the family has been enjoying this steak in some easy-to-prepare form or fashion.

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This spicy, savory, and seasoned collection of easy steak recipes offers a wide range of cooking methods and ideas for various cuts of beef. But add a few different kinds of cheese and you suddenly have a classy dinner right in your own home.
That can be anything from an interesting piece of chicken to a wonderfully complex pasta to a delectable dry-aged steak. Cut from the shoulder of a cow, this juicy, well-marbled steak is rectangular in shape and uniformly thick, making it an ideal hunk of beef to toss on the grill. While you can serve with brown rice and veggies, we enjoyed the sliced steak served with “pajeon,” a delicious scallion pancake that my neighbor brought over. Well, now you no longer need to go out to a nice restaurant to have a delicious piece of steak.

We often celebrate with a family meal and also a special meal for just us, but sometimes figuring out what to cook is a challenge. This recipe will impress family or guests and even better news is that it only takes about 30 minutes to make. A pesky but a small flaw I can certainly overlook, especially considering the flatiron is one of the tenderest cuts of beef around (second to only tenderloin), meets governmental standards for “lean protein” and is relatively economical compared to some of the premium grilling steaks found at the meat counter.

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