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Sprouts have always been a popular nutritional food for many diet conscious people around the globe. Sprouts, one of the best foods if you are looking for weight loss, as it has fewer calories which help to keep your weight under control. Try to include a limited portion of sprouts in your regular diet, as it has a good amount of protein and other nutrients. Controlling hypertension is one of the most effective health benefits of sprouts and must be included in the high blood pressure diet chart. Sprouts are the perfect plant based food which can help us to reduce our blood cholesterol levels, which in turn reduces heart strokes and other heart issues.
Sprouts increase the activity of hydrolytic enzymes and also regulates our blood sugar level to provide the required nutrients throughout the body.
Eating raw sprouts will increase our digestion power and can flush out the impurities and detoxifies our blood.
Maintenance of healthy and beautiful skin is one of the beauty benefits of eating sprouts on a daily basis. Though sprouts are a nutrient dense food, there are always questions raised on its harmful effects on our health. If the sprouts are not cleaned properly, then the bacteria present in the sprout will keep multiplying and finally will keep us sick after consuming them. Sometimes raw sprouted beans are hard to digest and in turn will cause indigestion problems. Sprouts like alfalfa contain a toxin called L-Cavanine which reduces the count of blood cells and also might lead to spleen enlargement. Sprouts have been linked to the outbreak of E.coli and Salmonella infections and therefore, elderlies, children and people with weak immune system should not eat sprouts.
When you decide to include in food in your daily diet, it is necessary to know its negative effects as well. So, now that you have got an idea about the pros and cons of eating sprouts, here is a list of 6 healthy and tasty sprouts recipes that you can make for yourself and your family members in a jiffy.
This is an exceptionally healthy and tasty recipe that contains the goodness of sprouts along with fresh vegetables that make it an ideal food for weight loss that should be incorporated in the daily diet chart. Rinse the sprouted moong beans thoroughly in water, boil the beans till they are tender, and Strain the excess water.

This is a traditional South Indian recipe that is packed with the goodness of sprouts and lentils that makes it a complete health food for diabetics and calorie conscious people.
This is a healthy sprouts recipe that is helpful in treating anaemia, improving appetite and relieving problems of indigestion. Although you can sprout seeds and lentils in your home, but if you are opting for packed sprouts from grocery stores then it is important to select them with great care because they are highly perishable in nature. The shelf life of sprouts can be extended by storing them in plastic bags, and it can be kept crisp for up to 3 days.
Hope, these easy to prepare sprouts recipes using minimum oil will help you achieve your target of weight loss and aid you to live a healthy and happy life. I would suggest you to get in touch with a dietitian to make a diet that is suitable for you, keeping in mind your health issue. You do need to be mindful when you buy and use bean sprouts as commercially grown sprouts have been been found to contain harmful bacteria likeВ salmonellaВ and E coli.
If you are looking to improve your health and incorporate healthy foods into your diet, check out sprouts. There are also several varieties of sprouts with different flavors and textures, so you can be adventurous and try different types of sprouts.
It is simple to discover sprouting seeds; they are offered at nearly every organic food or natural food shop, which also implies they are readily available on many great sites on the Web, too. Most of us eat sprouts as a morning breakfast, evening snack or sometimes an afternoon meal by adding them to a certain dish.
If sprouting is not done in a proper and healthy way, then there are chances for this healthy food to create problems for the human body. Let the sprouts cool, now add all the ingredients – onions, chillies, tomatoes, potatoes, coriander leaves and mix well, add the salt, lemon juice, chilli powder and chaat masala from top, mix once more and serve immediately. Include these recipes in your healthy diet plan and please share your healthy sprouts recipes with us in the comments section below. Not only are many of them (ie broccoli sprouts) nutrient-dense, but they are easy to grow at home. For example, mustard and radish sprouts have a spicy bite to them that taste great in a variety of sandwiches, salads and other dishes. Most of us are always sceptical about sprouts, as we still have no exact idea about the good and bad effects of sprouts.

The health benefits of eating sprouts are numerous as they are a rich source of protein, anti-oxidants and other vitamins.
Eating sprouts will regulate blood pressure levels, as sprouts are free from sodium which helps our body to reduce high blood pressure, hypertension and other heart related problems.
Remember that sprouts should not be overcooked, as this can flush away the nutrients present in it. Sprouts are one of the healthy foods, but eating too much of it can cause various problems.
Now heat some water in a pan, add the sprouts and tomatoes, add salt and cook it till the sprouts are tender. Grind the green gram sprouts along with the channa dal, urad dal, toor dal and red chillies to form a coarse batter. It is an extremely healthy sprout high in proteins, fiber and very low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics. Recent surveys say that Sprouts have essential therapeutic benefits and have the ability to protect us from diseases. One should not completely live on sprouts; they can be included in our regular diet along with other healthy and nutritious foods. So, always include a limited portion of sprouts in your salad and also make sure you grow them in sanitary conditions and clean them properly. See to it you think about even more than simply rate when you are looking online to acquire sprouting seeds! They are extremely easy to make them at home, as we just add some water to soak the sprouts for at least 6 hours. You can also buy the popular sprout house organic sprouting seeds to make some tasty salads.
There are various types of sprouts such as moong beans, alfalfa beans, clover, soya beans, chickpea, radish, etc.

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