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Just wrapped up shooting some documentary overlays at Cardiff Sports Nutrition and what a store it is!
For the past 4 years I've been working with a sports dietitian at the University of Southern California.
CRAVING ULTIMATE FUELMovieLast year, my friend Cassandra Sicre and I, have decided to make a documentary showing the gap in sports nutrition, and the need of education. I've also developed a lot of handouts that were very useful for the athletes, such as 'Eating on a budget', 'Pre- and post- workout fueling for strength and endurance athletes', and power point presentations for the USC football team nutrition education classes.Every week I've volunteered to work at the new USC nutrition bar.

I've interviewed few world class athletes, amateur athletes, occasional fitness enthusiasts, and coaches to put together a 1 hr documentary.
It's 1hr long, but full of very important and useful information about nutrition on every level of exercise and sport performance. Apart from 'fueling' the Trojans before and after their workouts, I talk to them about their nutritional concerns and the importance of food in their training.Last year USC upgraded to the newest technology in body composition assessment - iDEXA scan that not only measures muscle mass and body fat in less than 10 min, but also bone mineral density, which is very helpful in tracking everyone's progress. The purpose of this documentary is to educate youth and college athletes on the importance of nutrition.

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