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I mixed up the ground beef (you can also use turkey), shredded carrot, chopped spinach, homemade applesauce, onion, egg, and breadcrumbs Tuesday night after Bug went to bed and let the ingredients chill in the refrigerator overnight so that the bread crumbs could absorb moisture and flavor. For Mason, who turned 11 months old on Tuesday, I cut the meatballs into tiny pieces that he could pick up and feed himself. Since Mason and I were up at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning, and he was fully absorbed in his new toy computer, I decided to shape and bake the meatballs before work so Bug could try one for lunch.

If he were younger, I would have mashed up the meatball with a fork and fed it to him in small bites from a spoon.
I couldn’t resist taking a taste — it was so yummy I think the whole family is going to have pasta and meatballs this weekend! Or shape meatballs by using a small cookie scoop, occasionally dipping the scoop in water to prevent the meat from sticking.

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