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Hello - You're in my house now, so'll tell ya where you're sitting and don't be re-arranging my furniture. There is a meaning behind please wait to be seated, if you read between the lines, it is really means, I (Moe), don't want you talk'n in like you own the joint, sitting whew you want, and complaining about bad service because we don't know where you sat yourselves! Choline Count: eggs (2)В 200 mg + salmon (3 oz)В 80 mg + spinach (2 oz)В 11 mg + avocado (1)В 19 mg = 300 mg of choline! Choline count:В eggs (3)В 300 mg + shiitake mushrooms (4 oz)В 66 mg + spinach (2 oz) 11 mg + feta cheese (1 oz) 4 mg = 381 mg choline!
This was my go-to omelet when I was a college student and rarely went grocery shopping or planned meals.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This Lithuanian omelette version is a healthy and tasty choice for breakfast - or any meal of the day for that matter.
My dad was the omelet-master when I was growing up, and whenever we had weekend company, he’d make each guest and family member his or her own made-to-order omelet. I always seemed to have leftover Chinese food in my fridge, so I devised this omelet to make leftovers into breakfast.
By the time I was in high school, I’d picked up his technique and was making omelets for all my friends after school.

If you’ve got the jumbo eggs, you can get away with using one and use a little more milk (1 oz of skim milk has 5 mg of choline!). I whisk up the eggs and the milk in a bowl, then pour them into my omelet pan (yes, they make a size of frying pan that’s just for omelets). Once that’s heated through and the egg mixture has set in the pan, I spoon some stir-fry onto one side.

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