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The origin of the Cabbage Soup Diet is unknown – no one has so far claimed to have invented it. Later versions have added other types of vegetables, fruits, lean meat, skimmed milk and brown rice to the eating plan in order to help make the diet more palatable so that people can stick to it for a longer time. The purpose of the diet is to lose 10 pounds in seven days, though nutritional experts point out that it is impossible to lose that much fat within a week, and that most of the weight loss is due to water and not fat, and therefore not permanent.
The basic idea behind the diet is to starve yourself by drinking a lot of cabbage soup and some water on the side. This question is hard to answer without proper knowledge of your own body, if you think that you can handle both exercise and dieting, it is up to you but if you want to go the easy way, just like Jim did, there is nothing that can stop you and remember that the key to weight loss is in your own hands. So far everyone I know that have tried the Soup diet has somewhat suceeded to loosse wieght.

The cabbage soup diet is a popular fad diet that I hear mentioned regularly and I thought I would weigh in on this diet. The low calorie intake at the core of the diet will force the body to enter starvation mode and often make you feel weak through the course of the diet. The trick is to keep your stomach filled with cabbage soup in order to keep hunger away while the body burns fat to maintain itself.
Try to include in your diet some apples or bananas, or try to include normal food with no sugar. The key thing to understand is that the reason you accumulate fat is in the extra calories that come from sugar, this is why progresso does not include sugar in its progresso soup.
I picked this diet because even though I was restricted to certain kinds of foods, I could eat as much of them as I wanted.

I hate diets & never end up losing on them, cuz all I do is think about the no-nos then binge. I think I’d also enjoy this diet closer to summer when more fruits I enjoy are in season (and on sale!). The soup itself is based on cabbage, onions (or onion soup mix), tomatoes, green peppers, celery, carrots and mushrooms. And my7daydiet has so many text ads and various font sizes and colors on it that I somehow missed that I was allowed to have this soup every day.

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