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If you are a Primal veteran and believe that your diet is dialed in right now, I have news for you: you will learn some things from reading Rich Food, Poor Food. The bottom line is this, I am absolutely sure you will be greatly impressed by Rich Food, Poor Food.
Order one copy of Rich Food, Poor Food to keep at home for planning purposes, one to keep in the car for shopping, and one to lend out to everyone who sees you at the store, and you’ll get this special Primal Blueprint Gift Package valued at nearly $50. Orders for Rich Food, Poor Food placed prior to the announcement of this special offer will be honored for all bonus offers. I am lucky to live in Alberta where we have tons of options to buy good quality local food.

Unprocessed fruits and vegetables are usually low in sodium.Most of the sodium Americans eat comes from packaged, processed, store-bought, and restaurant foods. Exclusive access to a podcast with Jayson and Mira Calton: In this 30-minute podcast with the authors of Rich Food, Poor Food and Primal Blueprint Publishing Managing Editor Brad Kearns, the Caltons freewheel with many insightful nuggets from the book, and also reveal their interesting starting point as a team. This book was written by Jayson Calton, Ph.D, and Mira Calton, CN, a dynamic couple from Florida whose message about how to navigate past the hype and misinformation on food labels to emphasize the most nutritious foods in every category has already resonated strongly with a national audience, as it did with me. Anyway, it doesn’t cost any more in the UK to eat quality foods than it does anywhere else. He transitioned her out of her low-fat, high grain SAD diet and into a nutrient rich eating pattern.

For example, sodium in chicken noodle soup can vary by as much as 840 mg per serving.Sodium Is EverywhereFoods that otherwise seem healthy may have high levels of sodium.

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