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Last June I wrote about John's massive, decade-long Diet Mountain Dew addiction and his increasingly worrisome memory lapses. Sometime before Christmas John started re-introducing caffeine to his system with the occasional Diet Coke. In this episode I try the 2 flavors duking it out to become the permanent flavor in the Diet Mountain Dew family.
Mountain Dew: Code Red is a fruit punch variation on Mountain Dew which started as an exclusive flavor at Taco Bell, but now can be found in grocery stores by the can or the 2-liter bottle.

After reading that one of the ingredients in Mountain Dew, brominated vegetable oil, has been shown to cause memory problems, John quit the 'Dew cold-turkey. And even though he tells me he craves it every day, he's never once had another Diet Mountain Dew.
Real Code Red may not have the citrus flavors of regular Mountain Dew, which you won't be able to remove, but it will taste fine regardless.
I also give out another chance for the SodaStream Soda Lover's contest & a free bag of Jalapeno Ranch Chip'Ins!

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