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If you'd like delicious vegan recipes, great workouts and other healthy living inspiration delivered straight to your inbox, enter your email below to subscribe! Although the thought of gulping a bright veggie drink may seem a bit scary, take our word for it: it is surprisingly tasty. However, just because a recipe doesn’t contain animal protein doesn’t mean it can’t replace a meal. Bananas are so good for you, giving you pure energy, and they are best frozen in smoothies. You can check out my review of the blender below, but before you do, here’s two delicious and simple, vegan smoothie recipes.

For example, you can get protein from vegan protein powder, nuts, seeds, and nut butters in these recipes to get what you need. There are a couple frozen bananas in this recipe for your produce, but I also like adding spinach to this recipe – you can’t even taste it! For these vegan smoothie recipes, you can adjust them however you like depending on what you have.
It has fiber from the dates, healthy fats from chia and peanut butter, and protein from the peanut butter as well. Just make sure you are getting in some produce, protein, and carbohydrates with every smoothie you make to replace a meal.

These recipes are so delicious that you will definitely want to make a full meal out of them!

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