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I first started Green Smoothie after several months on the raw food diet, and right away, I felt a difference! My commitment to a daily Green Smoothie remains because I still feel great when I drink them! It’s been great to see so much publicity on Green Smoothies and to have watched it progress since I first started offering classes from my bungalow on the beach 6 years ago.
The best part about making Green Smoothies is getting to experiment with different fruits and greens while traveling. Jennifer Thompson has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies and detox for over two decades to help people heal.
AboutJennifer provides Health Coaching & Iridology to clients, teaches Raw Food, Detox & Eating for Success courses, and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing. Green smoothies kicked 100+ pound weight loss, Six years ago, jendayi weighed 275 pounds.
Smoothie recipes for weight loss - 30 delicious detox - Smoothie recipes for weight loss - 30 delicious detox, cleanse and green smoothie diet book - kindle edition by troy adashun.
The juicing recipes weight loss – health ambition, In this post we list the 5 scientifically backed best juicing recipes for weight loss.

Green smoothie recipes weight loss detox book, The book 40 green smoothie recipes for weight loss and detox is a collection of green smoothie recipes for those who seek an effective weight loss program that does. Weight loss smoothies dos don’ts, Weight loss smoothies can ruin your diet if you are not careful.
3 easy paleo smoothie recipes weight loss, Paleo, or paleolithic diets have become increasingly popular especially for weight loss. Diet smoothie recipes for weight loss – Tomatoes are a great ingredient for a healthy smoothie recipe because of their antioxidant properties. The easiest way to get enough calories on the Raw Till 4 diet plan is to eat alot of bananas and dates.
I’m a big believer in getting your greens into as many meals as possible, so I also would throw in 2 cups of organic baby spinach to this smoothie.
In order to build up your bodies taste for fresh organic leafy greens create delicious green and fruit smoothies.
I started making Green Smoothies almost 7 years ago, and even after all these years, my love affair with having a daily Green Smoothie has remained! My energy levels improved even more, and thanks to the added ground flax seed in the Green Smoothie, my bowel movements became even more, well…epic!

I wanted people to know that there are easy ways to start bringing raw food into the diet, and that they did not have to become a raw food chef or buy expensive appliances to start benefiting from a daily Green Smoothie. This is one of the main reasons why I do not recommend adding store-bought soy milk, coconut water or almond milk to a Green Smoothie. I knew that this was something that everyone could do at home, even if they didn’t want to go into a strict raw food diet. Then I started teaching a 90-minute Green Smoothie class to people on detox programs in Koh Samui, Thailand. When you are on a healthy path for life, you get to enjoy raw food on every holiday…and it makes traveling so much more fun!

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