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While I love a good juice cleanse or diet detox just as much as the next health nut, most of the time my schedule doesn’t allow for sticking to any strict, regimented detox plans.
Take a peek below for my three detox-approved recipes that taste delicious and do a body good, too. I love the taste of beet and lemon smoothie but I don’t like the mess after the beet.

Cabbage soup is known for its cleansing properties, and this recipe in particular will help to hydrate your body and flush it with fiber.
I found this detox smoothie recipe on Oh She Glows, and I love it because it gets your body back on track first thing in the morning.
When my body feels like it needs a reboot, I turn to three recipes that I whip up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The recipe below makes a batch of about six servings, so you can eat for dinner while you’re detoxing all week long.

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