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Fructose is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in very small amounts in fruit and some vegetables. While fructose gives fruit its sweetness, however, it exists in fruits in very small amounts: a little goes a long way.
A 2012 UCLA study showed that a diet containing steadily high levels of fructose actually slowed brain function, hampering memory and learning. A 2010 Princeton University study demonstrated that fructose caused significant weight gain, increased levels of abdominal fat, and high triglycerides. A 2012 Duke University study showed that high fructose diets increased the risk of ATP depletion. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that, along with ATP deletion, high fructose consumption can cause metabolic syndrome because it generates uric acid, can cause dysfunction of the endothelium (the inner lining of blood vessels), can lead to the formation of fats (lipogenesis), and can cause oxidative stress and damage. Symptoms of fructose intolerance occur early – typically in babies who consume foods or formula containing fructose. Another segment of the population may have a less serious condition known as fructose malabsorption. If you don’t have fructose malabsorption or intolerance, chances are you can eat a little bit of fruit and your body will tolerate it just fine. I believe everyone should avoid foods containing artificially inflated levels of fructose vs glucose, or anything unnatural. Low glycemic means it does not increase your blood glucose, which is a different sugar from fructose.

I actually have been wanting to ask you this for quite a while: I suffer from terrible fructose malabsorption! I would really appreciate any options you are able to offer, as I don’t want to miss out on the Beauty Detox way of life, because my fructose malabsorption has already made me miss out on so many amazing things already!! It almost feels like i feel better from eating unhealthy food then the healthy food so sometimes i ignore it and eat the healthier option even if it contains fructose yet i am left in more pain…ahhh so frustrating!!! Rice syrup, either white or brown, is pure glucose and therefore doesn’t contain fructose. So, the safe natural sweeteners that Hereditary Fructose Malabsorbers and severe fructose malabsorbers can safely eat are pure corn syrup (not modified to be HFCS), pure white or brown rice syrup and pure barley malt syrup. They further report that fructose consumption may interfere with hormones that communicate satiety. The disorder persists throughout life, and people with fructose intolerance need to avoid fructose-containing foods including processed foods, fruit, honey, table sugar, agave nectar, sodas, and sports drinks. These people will have difficulty digesting foods that contain fructose, leading to gas, bloating, pain, and diarrhea. I also have fructose malabsorption and its so frustration because all the food i love and want to eat, so much of it is restricted….
You mentioned in an earlier article that fructose forms AGE’s 10 times more efficiently than glucose. I have fructose malabsorption as well as a few other problems which makes my stomach so super sensitive to so many things including any garlic, onion, some veg, most fruits, fermented veg, raw veg, juices, gluten, and sometimes just any food in general, etc etc etc.

I am currently using rice malt syrup (brown rice syrup) but you have also said that this is high in fructose. Neither does barley barley malt syrup, which is the best replacement for brown sugar or molasses that we fructose malabsorbers have. Because of its structure, fructose adds sweetness with a much smaller impact on blood sugar than other simple sugars such as sucrose.
However in processed liquid products such as agave nectar (and in high-fructose corn syrup), you have an extremely high concentration of fructose.
They did not over-consume fructose.В  The human body can process these tiny amounts of fructose quite well.
This congenital condition, known as hereditary fructose intolerance, occurs when someone is born without the enzyme aldolase B.
If you don’t have fructose intolerance or malabsorption, I recommend eating a little fruit on an empty stomach so it doesn’t get stuck behind a heavier food and begin to ferment in your body. HFCS is approximately 55 percent fructose.  Agave nectar is even higher in fructose than high fructose corn syrup – anywhere from 65- 90+ percent. Unfortunately, the human body is unable to process fructose at such high levels, and more and more studies are showing just how harmful large concentrations of fructose in the human diet can be.

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