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It feels like a lifetime ago since I made my first batch of Slimming World chips with my Philips Air Fryer. Though if you don’t make them in the correct way they taste horrible and its just like eating dry potatoes that look like chips. To make the best Slimming World chips with your Airfryer you need to firstly peel four medium potatoes. So there you have it – you have proper tasty Slimming World chips and as you can make them with either extra virgin olive oil and use your healthy extra or syn free with fat free spray you could have a portion each day and STILL lose weight and STILL be following the Slimming World diet.
First I add the chips to a large saucepan of boiling water and parboil for no more than 5 mins. Drain the water and place the chips on some kitchen roll, and blot over the top with some more kitchen roll to completely dry the chips and then allow them to cool down.

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I must have been 14 at the time and I loved my chips and every Monday night after getting weighed my treat of the week was a trip to the chip shop for some Northern England chips, scraps and gravy and it was amazing. You cook them exactly how you would in a chip pan but it’s going in a lot less fat and tastes as good as it comes out at the chip shop. So if you are a family of three like us you are only actually using a third of your healthy extra on your chips. Have to say I think Scan bran is like ryvita flavoured carpet tiles, but this really is nice & worth a try.

Make sure they are well spaced apart, placing them too close together, tends to steam them rather than crisp them up, making the end result, soggy chips. Alternatively if you are just using fat free spray we recommend 6 sprays for the best tasting chips.

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