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These mini quiches are easy to make and are great to keep in the fridge for snacking or to take to work with some salad in a packed lunch. I'm not one for cakes and sweet treats (give me crisps any time!) but after sampling some Scan Bran cakes in class today I was inspired to do something with the packet of Scan Bran that's been languishing in my cupboard for the last few months. The whole cake is 9 syns on all plans, or you can have it as a Healthy Extra B choice plus 4 syns (5 Scan Bran = HEB). I love cheese, and I really love blue cheese but it's been all but absent from my diet since starting Slimming World. This is a classic recipe for Slimming World followers - it sounds really bizarre, but have faith, it turns into a really tasty barbecue-style sauce, and best of all it's FREE! This is a really simple recipe, good as a spread on Ryvitas or toast for lunch, in a sandwich or as a dip with crudités. While sat in the doctor’s surgery recently I was browsing through a Chatelaine magazine and came across a recipe for Quinoa burgers topped on portobello mushrooms. In a large bowl, add the mince, paprika, herbs, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and black pepper and a splash of worcestershire sauce.

Great on their own (as plenty of superfree included) or can be served with a side salad or some homemade potato wedges (extra easy day only).
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I tend to use my single Healthy Extra B choice at breakfast on either bread or Alpen Light bars, but you get such a paltry amount you always need something to go alongside it - using your B choice for Scan Bran and making it into a cake like this is really good value (even with a couple of extra syns on top)! I was inspired to try it in this recipe after making the caramelised onions and I'm glad to report it worked! I served mine with vegetable rice, but it would work equally well in a pitta bread, on a jacket potato or with Slimming World chips.
You do need a fairly heavy-duty food processor to make this - don't try it with a blender (it didn't work!).

I used raspberries to make the ice cream in the picture - this method should work with any frozen fruits but the syns may vary. I think it would also work well with some broad beans or sugar snap peas added for next time.
I loved this idea, as I don’t always have a healthy extra B choice remaining by the end of the day. I get my kids to do the dirty work of mushing up the ingredients and shaping into burgers (they love it!) and the whole family eats these up.

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