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We Are Leading Suppliers And Dealers Of Sauna Slimming Belt In Chennai ,india .as Seen On Tv.
The Tummy Tuck Belt is a large elastic band that you slip on either over your head or feet first (feet first is my personal preference because I have a large chest, so it’s a lot easier for me to step into it and then pull it up and over my hips.
My much smaller and toner tummy after using the Tummy Tuck Belt for 23 days over a 34 day period. The only thing I don’t like about the Tummy Tuck Belt is the fact that it has a tendency to roll down at the top and up at the bottom. Many have stated that Tummy Tuck Belt customer service representatives are not forthcoming with the ingredients of the Thermal Accelerator.

The Tummy Tuck Belt Miracle Slimming System is advertised as one that works without the need to diet or exercise.
You can do the Tummy Tuck Belt routine twice daily and you can maximize your results if you diet and exercise in addition to using the Tummy Tuck. For those of you that are concerned about the Tummy Tuck Belt Thermal Accelerator ingredients, I’m providing the complete listing of ingredients below. After calling the toll free number couple of times, with no luck I have to abandon the two tummy belt .
In fact, I’ve probably eaten worse while using the Tummy Tuck Belt than I have in a long time because we went out to dinner a few times while my sister was in town, plus I caved a few times last month and got me and the fam some fast food and ordered pizza twice.

After reading about the Tummy Tuck Belt and catching the infomercial on TV, I have to admit that this one looked like it was really promising.
Yes, the contents of the package included a diet and exercise plan, but the only exercise I did was the one I detailed in my review. I felt it was important to mention that in the review because I think this product has the potential to be more effective for those that actually do diet and exercise while using it.

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