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Since then I’ve played with several homemade veggie burger recipes,В many of which have been dry, tasteless failures.
The salad was a mixture of carrots, tomatoes and mesclun mix, but I added some cucumber for some extra colour.
Simple Recipes for Joy is due to be released this month, and it’s a book I can see myself referring to for new ideas and meal time inspiration.
I made chickpea burgers last week and added some pea protein to the mix for additional protein. I got a new cookbook yesterday, so I tried a “cheezy” kale chip recipe and it was SO good! Simple Recipes for Joy by Sharon Gannon.В Say hello to the newest cookbook in my collection.

I never turn down a source of inspiration for healthy, delicious plant-based recipes and happily accepted. The tempeh cubes were sauteed with minced garlic and onions, dried herbs, chili flakes, and a little soy sauce which I swapped out for tamari to keep things gluten-free.
The recipes are simpleВ but very flavourful, and Sharon explains how to prepare even the most basic things such as grains and beans. The book arrived in the mail at work for me last week, and it took every ounce of willpower I had not to ditch the project I was working on at the time to browse through it. The cafe is known for its nourishing, delicious plant-based dishes made from organic, non-GMO foods, and upon first glance atВ the menu, I was instantly hungry! You’ll need a few items that you might not own right now (like hijiki seaweed and miso) for many of the dishes, but there are plenty of ways to use them.

Lucky for me, I don’t need to travel to NYC in order to enjoy some of the dishes because it looks like several of them are included in Simple Recipes for Joy.
I think I want to try making this for my lunches…I’ll keep you posted on if I actually do! Vegan or not, I think it’s a good book forВ anyone looking toВ enjoy more whole foods without having to make elaborate meals with tons of ingredients.

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