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The recipes given here are mainly made from fresh vegetables, and seasoning is made with olive oil. We invite you to browse the articles and recipes we’ve posted online, hoping that you will take advantage of this little culinary experiences that we wish to share with you and learn to cook.
Make a caramel, reaching a temperature between 330В°F and 340В°F (165В°c and 170В°c): it is preferable to use a thermometer for cooking beginners.
Arrange the chicken drumettes in a cooking pot that can go in the oven as well as on the fire. I put this baked chicken drumettes recipe in the tapas and appetizers section, but it can also be considered as a meal with a salad and some fried potatoes.В The chicken drumettes are roasted and the sauce is made by using ice-based gastric, chicken stock and ketchup, and is a little like a barbecue sauce.
Make a caramel, reaching a temperature between 330В°F and 340В°F (165В°c and 170В°c): it is preferable for beginners cooksВ to use a thermometer. If you’re starting over at cooking, it is better to have good equipment right from the start.

Chicken recipes healthy Chicken is the greatest common of all the poultry in the world that is used for food. Sometimes you may feel that a recipe found in a magazine or on a website was put together just to make you fail: approximations, missing ingredients, strange and incomprehensible terms, etc.
Start by reading the recipe entirely:В look at the list of ingredients, cooking time, cooking utensils.
In fact these quick recipes are often made of notes taken to fill articles and interviews of famous personalities, where the chef’s picture is bigger than the recipe itself.
By following step by steps the recipes, you’ll gain in confidence and want to try new things with experience.
We wanted these recipes as healthy as possible, so we try to limit the use of butter, cream and animal fats in general.
Since this recipe calls for cutting and scraping chicken wings, a good chef knife is recommended in order to make it work properly and allow you to cut safely.

There so many chicken recipes healthy that depend on the culture as well as the region one is from.
Consider it carefully and don’t feel obliged to respect it literally as this kind of recipe, 8 lines or less, is full of approximations, omissions and errors. You can see these recipe as inspirations sources needing further developments and tweaking when you get more experience in cooking.

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