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We followed our natural instincts – eating when we were hungry and sleeping for as long as our bodies needed. Road trips and camping are not for everyone but they provide an opportunity to get in touch with nature, to meet new people and to let go of all the clutter and material things for a while. Camping table – we had a little wooden box and we used our mini fridge but it would have been very useful to have an actual foldable table, I highly recommend having one if you’re travelling in a van.
Most camping grounds will have a little shop with basic staples but it’s best to stock up on essentials at large shops like Carrefour (in Europe). When I look back at what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner I can divide our meals into the following categories: breakfasts, grilled stuff, one-pot dishes, vegetable sides and quickly-put-together lunches. Our meals usually consisted of eggs, bacon or sausage and salad or full fat yogurt, fruit and nuts. In the below collection we have chicken wrapped in bacon & pineapple skewers (Portugal), sausages with pesto zucchini and mushrooms, chilli (France), garlic and paprika marinated chicken thighs (France), whole fish with lemon zest, garlic and parsley and beef skewers (Italy)В and simple lamb and vegetable skewers (Spain).
For the best coffee outdoor, I would like to recommend Cafflano Klassic which is the world’s first all-in-one pour-over coffee maker. Although I don’t eat as much meat protein as suggested here, I do strive for a lot of vegetables and fruits, with two servings of good grain a day.
Your post is very inspiring , thanks for sharing so many great recipes, tips and ideas on how to get the best out of your camping experience. 2 – Egg sandwiches –В These egg sandwiches are not just for your everyday home use! A couple of years ago, we were staying in a cabin north of Lake Superior, cooking our meals out by the beach on a fire. We love finding easy camping meals and picnic food ideas that are simple, fast and perfect for camping and glamping. It’s really simple and tastes just the same as a more expensive and time consuming banoffee pie you might make at home or buy from the store.
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I like to make this ahead of time, and bring it along on our camping trips all ready to go.
Just wrap the corn in 1 or 2 pieces of bacon, then wrap in tin foil and roast on the grill over the fire for about 20 minutes. We visited many beautiful places and met fantastic people along the way but the best part was that we got to spend most of our time outdoors in nature – hiking, swimming, climbing and simply chilling in a hammock.

We cooked on fire and on our little camp stove, drank from cold mountain streams, enjoyed fresh local produce and even foraged for berries in the forests. Next time you’re thinking of taking a vacation, consider ditching the glitzy resorts and your couch for a camping adventure. We have a really good friend in Austria so a month before heading over to Europe he helped us find a second hand van, which he bought for us in his name. Expensive doesn’t always mean good, we bought ours for 9 euros from a large outdoors store and they were perfect.
I recommend getting a stove with two burners and a grill plate if you plan to travel for a while, otherwise one burner will do the job as long as you cook in stages (make sure the gas bottle you use is pretty universal and can be refilled in different countries). Many campers used pre-purchased charcoal but we used regular wood gathered from nearby forests and parks.
On many days we also bought a bag of ice which lasted for over 24 hours and allowed us to keep basic things like butter, yogurt, some meats and veggies fresh. Scrambles are great as you can throw in leftover grilled meats and some onion as are baked eggs using up left over stews. From time to time we would try a local specialty like Portuguese tarts or an amazing apple strudel – more for the experience than anything else.
Benefit of that is lower cost for camping, free parking, cheaper food and amazing scenery and people. What it means is they could camp just outside of town and city centres and use their bikes and scooters to get around while staying at each destination. I don’t find it works for me for digestion, nutrition or desire to cut grain out entirely.
Frozen, they acted as ice for the rest of the cooler perishables and we could just throw them on the coals or grill anytime of day for a quick bite. That’s why this is rapidly becoming one of our top camping meals and picnic food ideas for when you fancy something a bit sweet. One day when my kids are old enough to not stress me completely out…I’ll take them camping and make them delicious food! We lived with very little stuff and little technology (except for my daily work sessions at the camp site’s cafГ© with wifi), and instead we accumulated friends, memories, books to read and a healthy tan. I would also consider things like weather (sleeping in the van is much warmer), camping laws in each country (you can’t just pitch a tent anywhere in Europe but you can pull up in a van and just sleep in it), storing all your stuff etc. Originally, we were going to pay him in full but the van turned out to be so good that he wanted to keep it at the end of our trip and we only paid a small part for using it for a few months.

Things that are easy to prepare and that you can find in most butcher’s shops are meat skewers, burger patties, steaks, marinated chicken, whole fish, prawns and sausages. Below we have fresh figs drizzled with Balsamic, fresh burrata cheese and prosciutto (Italy), simple coleslaw (Austria), boiled green beans tossed in pan-fried almonds, garlic and lemon and olive oil (France), radish, red peppers and black olive salad (Italy), rocket and burrata cheese salad with fresh pesto (Italy).
We would throw in some starchy vegetables for extra carbs to replenish our well spent energy. Add onion, celery and carrot and cook in chorizo fat for 4-5 minutes until slightly browned. When we stayed at camp grounds we would plug it in the powerpoint if we had a powered site, otherwise I would take it to the toilets and plug in there for a few hours each day.
There are days when a slice of good whole grain bread toasted with peanut butter and a banana and my coffee “of course* is what I can manage, even though I do plan ahead and generally have meal soups in the freezer. But given you have such little time, it’s probably not worth getting all the camping gear you need etc. Camping is healthy and very easy these days as you can find campgrounds with fantastic facilities, showers, power and even wifi. In many camp grounds we also used the power in the bathrooms or the reception area for a few hours. Grills are also great for cooking vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant and red or green peppers. Of course, this would all be slightly different if you’re wild camping in bear country or crossing the desert.
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Those work much better and keep the foods fresher in the cooler until it’s meal time.
Another favorite thing that I like to cook while camping is omelettes in a bag for breakfast.
Also I will have to use a grill for this since there are only communal fire pits where I’m going.
In most countries a bag of coffee beans for aeropress is about 10-15 Euro a bag and will make about 20-25 cups of coffee.

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