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If you’re just starting on the juicing trend it can be extremely confusing what with all the helpful books, sites, and not to mention other juicers! Although it’s fun to have specific juices for specific things, but reality is variations across a wide path of veggies and fruits is the key to getting all of the benefits of juicing covered. This juice is great for all over health but has a good focus n your skin, making it brighter, more youthful, and giving it a healthy glow.
This recipe also has goodness for the whole you but also does great things for your cholesterol.

We’ve already covered apples, but cucumbers are a major player in the juicing lifestyle and was covered in the Apple benefits post earlier.
This all-over helping juice is great for making you feel good but it also has an intense boost for your oral health. This recipe combines bitter gourd, milk, and apple for an all-over cooling effect on hot days or for when you may be generating too much body heat. This means sticking to juices that do good for your whole body until you figure out what your preferences are and what you need more of to better your body.

It’ll leave your mouth with much fresher breath and it also does good things for your skin!

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