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This scrumptious pumpkin pie recipe uses dates for sweetness, making it perfect for a warm, winter dessert. Being diagnosed with insulin resistant diabetes or pre-diabetes doesn’t mean giving up sweets entirely or resigning yourself to boring meals. With a few simple strategies, you can easily tweak your favourite recipes to make them diabetes-friendly, without having to feel deprived or missing out on a family meal or social occasion.
Packed with nutrients, the humble garlic clove adds more to this simple one-pan side than just flavour!
The key to menu planning for diabetics isn't sidelining all carbohydrates, relegating fats or going high-protein.

These low-sugar, diabetes-friendly desserts will keep your sweet tooth more than satisfied.
In fact, natural sugars that contain part fructose, like those found in fruit and honey, can improve insulin sensitivity and down-regulate the production of glucose in the liver (mimicking the action of diabetic drugs like Metformin).
Breakfast Stress hormones such as cortisol are elevated in diabetes, and tend to peak in the early hours of the morning after the nightly ‘fast'.
While diabetes is commonly thought of as a condition of "excess sugar" in the bloodstream, essentially this is because there is a chronic "lack of sugar" in the cells, and natural fruit sugars help to increase the uptake and proper utilisation of glucose (sugar) into the cells for energy production in insulin resistant diabetes. Also, eating a high protein (and often too, a high fat) meal alone without adequate carbohydrates will draw down blood sugar rapidly, leading to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and further contributing to the diabetes blood sugar rollercoaster.

Snacks Snacks for the diabetic should contain a little protein with some natural fruit sugars, starchy root vegetables or low-GI grains. Watch out for hydrogenated or trans fats (found in most packaged or fast foods) that can further damage the insulin-secreting cells of the pancreas and worsen insulin resistance - cooking at home is almost always a healthier option, diabetic or not. You can trade out white sugar (and some cooking oil) for apple sauce or pureed dates or prunes in a recipe, or simple sweeten desserts with 100% fruit juice (apple, pear, pomegranate or prune juice) rather than sugar syrup.

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