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However, you need more energy while studying so you better learn from this article some easy cheap healthy recipes for college students. One of the easy cheap healthy recipes for college students that you will surely enjoy is tacos. Prepare the ingredients like a large sweet potato, cut into cubes, chopped onions, and two cloves of minced garlic, two tablespoon curry and cumin, olive oil, salt, pepper, two cups black beans, grated cheese, salsa, avocado, and tortilla shells. Noodle recipes are also one of the most favorite easy cheap healthy recipes for college students.

When planning to cook easy healthy dinner recipes with chicken, choose carefully the meat as well as the parts that you will serve.
Dark chicken meat is fattier than the other parts, but it contains twice as much zinc and iron compared to light-colored chicken meat. Add the sweet potatoes and chili powder (if preferred), then continue stirring for one minute. Cheap healthy recipes for college students do not have to mean tremendous, time-consuming cooking.

Because of this, preparing healthy meals and snacks are often neglected and forgotten due to your hectic schedule.

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