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You can easily substitute pork or chicken bones in place of beef and the results are all good. Bone broth provides our bodies with bio-available (very easy to consume, digest and absorb) forms of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and other trace minerals that are so lacking in our diets today. We often discuss ways to heal a leaky gutВ on the Balanced Bites Podcast;В and broth is a great, simple recipe to add to your arsenal to help do just that! This recipe make approximately 64oz of broth depending on how much water, how much you reduce the broth and how strong you like the flavor to be. Use any other kind of animal bones you like – chicken, in fact, will take less time due to the smaller pieces. A crockpot makes this recipe super-simple, but you can also use a large stock pot (hence the name) or an enameled cast-iron dutch oven. I just made turkey bone broth yesterday from 2 large legs and 2 large wings-from our 21 pound thanksgiving turkey that I cut up and had stored in the fridge. I left my broth simmering in my crock pot for 24 hours and all I was left with was 1 cup of liquid! I also deglaze the pan that I’ve browned the bones in with red wine (which is usually my acid). People that don’t typically eat a lot of beef will potentially do really well with a bit of meat in beef stock, or just beef broth alone. Meanwhile, throw all of your non-meaty marrow bones into a stockpot, add the water, vinegar and vegetables. Add the browned bones to the pot, deglaze your roasting pan with hot water and get up all of the brown bits, pour this liquid into the pot. NOTE: Don’t forget to save the marrow from the bones too for a few recipes in the book! I would third the notion of no cooked bones, my dog cracked a back tooth last summer that had to be removed, not good! I’ve tried this recipe twice and it’s come out great, but the fat skimming part is really bewildering! Also the broth is really really hot, cant even blow on it and taste it sort of hot, I imagine because of the fat content. I am new to NT and want to try beef stock for the first time but am running into a few issues.
This is the very best broth to cook with, make soups from and if someone in the family is feeling ill an awesome food that digests easily. I slather it on the bones the last 20 minutes of roasting them (or you can brown the paste in the pan you’ve browned the bones in if you browned them on the stove.

Beef stock is not hard to make either, but has an extra step in it and can take longer to make. There is such a huge difference between the beef stock that you can buy, and the stock that you make, it’s not even funny. Only give the dogs the bones that are still hard when they come out of the broth, none of the really soft ones.
When I make beef broth in the crock pot sometimes I only put in bones, and no other ingredients (carrot, onion).
Using tongs find your marrow bones, pop out the marrow with a small knife and return the bone to the pot. Cooked bones are not digestable and can splinter to cause lacerations in the intestines or crumble and cause impactions.
SN of Everything Free Eating (google that, it’s a blogspot blog) does her chicken broth in a pressure cooker and has a pretty amazing tale of recovery for her family. You can skim it off and use it, or keep it in the broth, unless keeping it will hinder using it in recipes. The broth is for my pregnant wife and I am a little concerned that I haven’t taken care of any impurities that may be present. It’s also a good idea to use meaty bones (roasted) in conjunction with the femur bones. I have had this happen too and I think it was because the temp of the broth wasn’t high enough for a time. I say folow NT and you will really enjoy making this broth…I do chicken and turkey broth as well. Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple to get adequate calcium even while eliminating dairy. You can choose to brown them in bacon fat or coconut oil before putting them into the water in the next step. At times, a longer or very hot simmer may break down the gelatin and your broth won’t appear gelatinous. I am just as nuts about beef stock as I am about chicken, except maybe a bit more even since it took me longer to be successful making the beef broth. And when you cook it for a few days, some of the bones end up soft and all of those minerals go into the broth. Grass-fed beef is better, but don’t stress too much about it, better to get the basics down first. I guess some recipes it could work ok using the meat, say in something highly spiced like enchiladas.

Raw bones are great for dogs (though I caution against beef or turkey femur bones because they are so strong – my 4 year old dog has irrepairable tooth damage from beef femur bones), but cooked bones are not. This worked great because the bones had absorbed the flavor of the onions, celery and garlic.
Leafy greens (chard, collards, kale and spinach) are rich in minerals like calcium, but – deliciously and easily enough – we can also find minerals AND other health-promiting constituents in traditionally-made BROTH! Ideally you want the bones to crumble to maximize the nutrients, and a slow cooker is actually ideal for this. By adding a little grass-fed beef gelatin you can make it higher in protein and it gives it a better mouth feel and enhances the the beef flavor.
When you work in a kitchen that uses gallons and gallons of stock each week, the only option to get enough bones for that much stock is to buy them frozen.
It can be intensely satisfying to drink just a cup of broth, especially if your body is low on minerals. I always feed the bones to the dog,(beef pork, and chicken) but would not feed bones from store bought meats. I was able to eat mine though in soups by adding the salt and by adding a bit more liquid, because I think part of the issue is that too much water also simmered out of the broth at the same time. I tried asking at Safeway about buying bones, and was directed away from the meat counter to the frozen aisle (where I saw no such thing!).
3 days later I place it in the garage fridge and let it cool overnight and then I remove the fat, rehat the liquid fraction after I have removed the bones, veggies and associated meat. Also the addition of any sweetener, just about a teaspoon of sugar,palm sugar,honey,agave etc and that also brings out the beefiness and does not make it sweet at all. After discussing this with our vet, it seems as though bones have only become a proble for dogs (the vet told me stories about chiceling pork bones out of dog intestines) and also told me that as a young man his family always fed all bones to the dogs without a problem.
When I look at bones (especially chicken and pork bones) from the store, the bones are not as hard, I’ve even been able to stick a fork through chicken and pork bones.
Beef broth is a great way to manage afternoon hunger between lunch and dinner and a great alternative to coffee if you’re trying to kick the caffeine habit.
Stop when the leftover bits start to look crispy and browned and strain it into your containers (I use wide mouth canning jars). It looks good, with a nice brown color, and it’s fairly thick, though not what I would call gelatinous.

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