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My boys LOVE agendashi tofu at Japanese restaurants and were THRILLED when I made it at home! Under the fiery heat of a wok, a Chinese preparation of tofu can be rapid yet flavorful; the tofu is enriched by the taste of the protein or vegetables in the stir-fry, yet it retains the flavor of soy.
So while I'm amenable to the idea that somewhere out there, someone is baking one mean lasagna with tofu layered in the middle, I'm willing to bet that the best tofu dishes are the traditional ones.
To prepare the tofu: Remove the tofu as a block from its packaging, and set it on a chopping board.
Halve tofu squares horizontally, place on a tray lined with 4 layers of paper towel, cover with another 4 layers and weight with a chopping board or another tray for 20 minutes. Dust tofu squares generously with cornflour, pressing to coat all sides, then shake off excess.
It all started with a tofu press I had picked up at a flea market; the press ended up tucked back into the cupboard.
It wasn't particularly hard to make this type of tofu, but the process involved a lot of steps and a fairly elaborate set-up somewhat akin to cheesemaking.
What did excite me was the thought of making the silken, custard-like tofu that you can find at Japanese restaurants. At first, I had followed the Book of Tofu's instructions and added coagulant (such as Epsom salt) to hot soy milk.
But don't worry: you can make kinugoshi without ever having to meet any of these tofu demons. But once you've made the soy milk, you might as well take the final couple of steps and make tofu.

Served chilled with a little freshly grated ginger, some scallion, and a drizzle of soy sauce, kinugoshi tofu is lovely in the summer. I’ve resolved to eat more tofu, have a block of it in the fridge and not sure what to do with it, and wanted to cook something to share with dairy-allergic BabyT. I suspect that too many people are using tofu in the same way that they would a raw brined cheese like feta, sprinkled sparsely in salads, or like plain white yogurt in a smoothie.
Certainly, I want to express my disapproval over putting tofu in traditional Italian meals, but I don't want to go as far as saying that tofu can never be used in Western applications of cooking.
Both the Chinese and the Japanese offer a dizzying array of soy and tofu products, some of which are reconstituted in water and others that are used to great effect in simmered dishes. Dengaku, a Japanese method in which a miso-laden sauce is brushed onto various grilled foods, is traditionally used to treat cotton tofu, the firm type favored by my professor and many others.
Skewer each piece and grill on both sides over a hot charcoal fire, until the surface is browned and the tofu is heated through. Partway through my tofu-making trials, I wondered if maybe that's what I should have been doing. For all the effort, it wasn't deeply satisfying to end up with a block of firm tofu that's pretty much the same as a premium store-bought tofu.
Except now I am craving tofu, and I’m on a small remote Canadian island with no access to ingredients! In the homes of well-meaning friends who know of my love of soy, I've been served baked tofu, desiccated like jerky and then slathered in dark soy sauce. Skillfully maneuvering the talk towards the topic of food, I asked my professor how he used tofu at home.

And when I have a cold, there's nothing more soothing than my own pot of silken Korean tofu, simmered in a spicy broth. A generous lathering in the Dengaku sauce caramelizes the surface of the tofu, rendering it golden and pleasantly charred.
Weigh the block of tofu down with a drop lid (if you have one) and an appropriately heavy item. Fresh kinugoshi tofu is much more delicate than the silken tofu you find in stores (the kind with a long shelf-life that comes in aseptic packaging). Take a look and see how you can make a refreshing, lightly sweet tofu that sets up like custard in individual serving bowls. Yet in all my tofu-eating years, I've never been as happy eating tofu as I am when the recipe is firmly anchored in one particular Asian cuisine, be it Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. The soup is a tiny cauldron of bubbling soup and tofu, thickened at the very end with a raw egg cracked directly into the bowl. The Book of Tofu, what many people consider to be the tofu bible, took me through each step. I flipped through this earnest and comprehensive tofu book and found a recipe for kinugoshi tofu.

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