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I know of no comprehensive, modern analysis of Sel gris, so it is difficult to determine if the harvesting of sea salt from the estuaries near GuГ©rande affects the salt concentrations normally found in seawater.
Let’s take a look at these values and contrast them to normal dry (no moisture) sea salt or normal sea salt containing 15% moisture which is similar to Sel gris’ moisture content in the table below. Indeed, if the reported Sel gris data is accurate, then the spreadsheet above confirms that Sel gris contains nearly 31% more salt (both sodium and chloride) than normal salt derived from sea water – definitely not a good thing health wise! On paper, it may appear that Sel gris may be slightly more nutrient dense for a selected few mineral than normal sea salt, but the bottom line is that Sel gris, sea salt and common table salt all have undesirably high concentrations of NaCl (salt) which promote hypertension, osteoporosis, kidney stones, Menierre’s Syndrome (ear ringing), insomnia, motion sickness, asthma, and a variety of cancers. Salt be it in the form of Sel gris, sea salt or plain commercial salt is definitely not Paleo. I suspect that the culprit for most of the health effects that have been attributed to salt actually have more to do with the processed food which most salt is consumed in than actual salt.
I suspect that the culprit for most of the detrimental health effects of processed food, is definitely, without doubt, processed food; which also contains, among others, a highly toxic, addictive substance, industrialised salt.

As the tide comes in, seawater is first allowed to settle in clay silt ponds where the combined effects of wind and sun form a dense brine. From a chemical perspective, there is no reason to expect that the relative concentrations of the dissolved elements normally found in sea water would be altered, unless the processing of Sel gris adds or subtracts elements. Although some clays contain significant amounts of magnesium and potassium, the data above actually demonstrate Sel gris to maintain lower concentrations of both of these elements than normal sea salt. The brine is then channeled to shallow salt pans dug in the native clay where it crystallizes via solar evaporation to form salt.
The salts in seawater are stable chemical compounds whose relative percentages are invariant.1, 2 The absolute weights of each of seawater’s dissolved salts will vary depending only upon the amount of moisture that is retained in Sel gris at harvest. Regular sea salt represents a physiologically insignificant source of Ca and Fe, whereas the reported values for the reported Sel gris data are considerable higher. High in minerals and nutrients, the French salts are known to be among the best tasting salts.

The clay from the silt as well as from the salt pans impart Sel gris with its characteristic gray color. Because Sel gris is typically harvested with a 15% moisture content, then the absolute weight of the dissolved salts will be about 85% of their equivalent amount in dry sea salt (<1 % moisture). Sel gris is a coarse salt that is typically harvested with a moisture content of 15%, whereas most sea salts and commercially manufactured salt maintain moisture contents of less than 1%. Although consumption of 100 grams of Sel gris delivers moderate quantities of Ca (287 mg) and Fe (11 mg), it does so at a terrible nutritional cost in terms of salt ingestion.В В  100 grams of Sel gris using reported data translates to 34 grams or 3400 mg of sodium.

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