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Using centuries-old Celtic harvesting methods, French artisans produce the finest gray sea salt in the world: sel gris. Harvested on the French coast, September through May, from shallow basins that are flooded, then dried, then carefully raked to collect the salt. Tamarinda Sel Gris - (grey sea salt) is 100% natural, unrefined, and hand havested using traditional Celtic methods.
Unlike refined white salt, which removes the trace minerals, adds bleach and anti-caking agents, this course-grained organic, sel gris has been neither washed nor treated.

Tamarinda Sel Gris delicious flavor and beneficial mineral and nutrient content results in a healthier salt vs. This salt originates in Guerande, France, the world renowned center for flavorful, and nutritional sea salts. It's unique grey color is derived from the clay-lined salt ponds in which the seawater is evaporated. Up to 82 valuable trace minerals and essential macro-nutrients can be found in sel gris which provide significant health benefits, and is only found in natural sea salts harvested by this ancient method.

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