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Whole damp mineral sea salt from the prestigious salt ponds of Guerande, France, are completely natural and unrefined, harvested using traditional Celtic methods. As in the days of the earliest Celtic settlers, wood rakes are still used today to recover the salt from the bottom of the pan.
As the tide comes in, seawater is first allowed to settle in a silt pond before continuing its course to the shallow salt-fields dug in the native clay.

Very soft yet flavourful, this salt is best used towards the end of cooking or on the table. After the combined effect of sun and wind evaporates the seawater to a dense brine, it is flowed into salt pans to crystallize.
Its high moisture content gives this finishing salt resilience on red meat, substantial vegetables, cheeses, and chocolates, preserving crunch and complexity, giving its high mineral content and helter-skelter crystal structure time to join forces in the mouth, where they venture forth, free marauders once again.

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